Bobbi Kristina Update From Bobby Brown, Nick Gordon, Police: Car Crash Days Before Adds To Social Media Revelations

Bobbi kristina

Bobbi Kristina Brown will become 22 in March, and her family continues to hope and pray that she will be with them to celebrate that day. But those prayers focus on hoping for a miracle as Whitney Houston’s daughter continues to reside without response in an Atlanta hospital room. Some facts, however, are known as Bobby Brown and the police seek to separate fact from fiction, reported The Wrap.

Since she was discovered unconscious in a bathtub, Georgia police have sought to recreate the sequence of events leading up to that terrifying moment on January 31. It is considered a criminal investigation.

In addition, detectives reportedly are concerned by facial marks. Bruises detected on Bobbi Kristina’s mouth and face have resulted in cause for concern about the origin.

Amid reports that her organs are failing, Bobby Brown’s attorney has denied that the family plans to remove her from life support this week. In addition to his lawyer, insiders have confirmed that as her father, he wants Bobbi Kristina Brown kept alive on a ventilator so that he can hope she will recover.

Bobbi Kristina’s cousin, Jerod Brown, has given a variety of interviews, both about the family and about her live-in boyfriend Nick Gordon. Jerod claimed that Nick was seeking legal action to allow him to enter the hospital room, from which he has been banned.

Not true, said Nick through his own attorneys Randy Kessler and Joe Habachy.

“In response to reports that Nick Gordon is taking legal action, he would like it to be clear, he is not. Mr. Gordon’s only concern is the recovery of Bobbi Kristina.”

As for earlier reports that Bobby Brown planned to remove Bobbi Kristina from life support on the date that Whitney Houston died after being found in a similar situation, a family member told People that he is not giving into what he sees as public pressure to turn off the ventilator.

“There hasn’t been a change in the past week. He [Bobby] wants to make a decision based on facts, not on what the public feels that he needs to do.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Bobby faces two heart-breaking options about Bobbi Kristina’s life. He can turn off the life support now or in the next few days, or alternatively, wait until her organs fail naturally. It’s a situation that, said sources, he’s hoping to change by waiting and praying for improvement.

New details also have emerged about the car crash that Bobbi Kristina was in four days before she entered the hospital, according to Hollywood Life.

That car accident resulted in a hospitalization for Russell Eckerman. His family lawyer, Alan Herman, commented on Eckerman’s condition. “He (Russ) remains hospitalized.”

However, police reports show that Bobbi Kristina lost control of her Jeep when the collision occurred. She was charged with “failure to maintain a lane.”

But what caused Bobbi Kristina to drive in a way that resulted in police charges? And what could have occurred in the days and months leading up to the discovery of her unconscious body? Reading through Bobbi Kristina’s own social media outpourings enhances the latest facts, pointed out CNN.

Her moods ranged from upbeat to angry at the attention that she received.

“StayOut of every1 else’s lives cept your own.You steady busy making a persons life ur tvshow when urs is in shambles. #shade @nickdgordon”

But many simply showed a young girl missing her mother.

“Littlelady&yourgrowing young man @nickdgordon miss you mommy..:’) SOmuch.. loving you more every sec. #Anniversary!”

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