Amy The Pig Is ‘Top Dog’ In Canine Training Class [Video]

Amy the pig

There’s an unusual looking canine at the Family Dog Training Center in Kent, Wash., as five-year-old Amy the pig joins in the dog obedience classes. What’s more, she’s actually doing extremely well and is doing agility tricks that most dogs her age cannot do.

When walking into the room during canine obedience classes, there’s quite a bit of barking going on, but in this case you will also hear the occasional snort, as Amy makes herself heard.

Whether its jumping through a hoop, zipping her way through the play tunnel, or balancing on a teeter totter, Amy the pig is learning and having so much fun. Paula Kurtz, one of the dog owners, said the first time her brown lab saw Amy, “she kind of looked at me, and looked back at Amy like, what kind of dog is that?” Since then, however, the dogs and their owners have gotten used to the cute little pig. And who could resist that face.

Lori Stock is Amy’s owner and has owned several dogs herself over the years. She told KOMO 4 that she always wanted a new animal to train. Now she says her very active indoor pig is probably a quicker study than any of her past pets.

Using air-quotes, Stock said, “She is the smartest dog I’ve ever trained.”

Katy Lang, owner of the training center said they had trained a pygmy goat in the past, so when Stock asked if they could train Amy the pig, she said, “sure, why not?”

Since she started lessons, Amy has already graduated from puppy manners class and has now started her agility and obedience training, which Lang says is a first at the training center.

The thing is, pigs aren’t normally natural retrievers like dogs are, but Amy is being given plenty of incentives to do well in her lessons. According to Stock, Amy the pig is highly motivated by food and apparently the beginners’ training lessons offer plenty of treats. Because of this, Amy is happy to participate in training both in and out of class.

“She is quite eager to participate in class and do the homework outside of class.”

The only thing is, Amy’s love of food is likely to set her aside from her canine companions. According to Lang, dogs are eventually weaned off the treats and then behave just to please their owners. Amy, on the other hand, is literally a little porker and she wants to keep on eating her way through class and life in general.

The Northwestern notes that Amy will get to show off her new skills at the Seattle Kennel Club show on March 7-8 where she and her canine pals will apparently perform a skit and do a freestyle musical dance.

According to an article published on the Inquisitr, it looks like another pig’s owner should have taken his pet to training classes, as the animal apparently ate his marijuana stash.

[Image: Screengrab from video]