Louis Tomlinson: ‘I’m Gay’ Vine Reaction Is Just So Sad

Louis Tomlinson and his One Direction band-mates are just five dates into an 80 date world tour. On Saturday night 23-year-old Louis Tomlinson and his pal 21-year-old Liam Payne went out for a few drinks after their show in Melbourne, Australia and on returning to their hotel they sent social media platform Twitter into meltdown.

Why? The boys returned to the hotel seemingly a little the worse for wear and as usual they were confronted by hordes of, mostly young female, fans. One of those fans captured video of Louis and Liam walking through their hotel lobby and during an interaction with fans Louis appeared to say “I’m gay. It’s pretty unfortunate.”

The video was immediately shared on social media and within minutes the hashtag #Imgayitsprettyunfortunate was trending worldwide.


The “story” was picked up here at Inquisitr and on media outlets across the world. It later transpired that Louis did not say “I’m Gay” at all. It appears that the comment was made to a female fan who shouted to Louis that she shared the same birthday as him on Christmas eve. Louis’ comment was that it was unfortunate to have a birthday on Christmas eve. It is unclear whether the video was edited to make it appear that Louis said “I’m Gay” or if it was simply misheard in a hotel lobby full of noise and echoes.

It seems that some One Direction fans think that Louis and his pals are public property. Some fans seem to think that Louis and his pals are not entitled to any privacy. Some fans seem to think that Louis and his pals owe them something.

When you are Louis Tomlinson and one fifth of arguably the biggest boy-band in the world you know that your every move is subject of scrutiny. If you are not in the eye of legions of fans then there is probably a paparazzi photographer round the next corner. In the age of the mobile phone camera you know that everywhere you go in public you are like to be photographed or filmed. Louis and his mates know this all too well.

Admittedly Louis and One Direction’s fame and success is built on the publicity machine engendered by “X-Factor” and Simon Cowell’s SyCo publicity machine, but why do fans think that is acceptable to stalk these young men everywhere they go. Why are young fans camping outside Louis Tomlinson’s hotel for days on end? Why are fans shooting video of Louis Tomlinson in a hotel foyer at 3 a.m.?


Just last week One Direction fans were hating on Niall Horan because the band boarded an aircraft without stopping to be photographed by fans first.

Louis and the rest of One Direction have been very supportive of their young gay fans. They support a variety of charities that help young gay people to deal with the issues that many face over their sexuality. The most sad thing in all of this furore is that it is unlikely in the extreme that Louis Tomlinson or any of his band-mates would describe anyones sexuality as “unfortunate.”

The members of One Direction, including Louis Tomlinson, have said in the past just how difficult life on the road can be. Some of their fans, by acting in the way they do, add to that pressure and ultimately that may well lead to the break-up of the band they profess to love.

Fans should try to remember that Louis Tomlinson and One Direction are normal young men who need some privacy and time to relax. Denying them that luxury is the saddest thing of all.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]