Scosche Debuts Device That Disables Cell Phones In Cars

Scosche has created a revolutionary device that will be able to prevent you from unsafe operation of your cell phone in the car. The cellCONTROL uses a Bluetooth signal to block calls. data and SMS to your phone the instant your vehicle begins moving. According to Scoshe, users activate an online program to get started after purchasing a unit. Users then download an application onto their mobile phone. At this point they take the cellCONTROL system and plug a trigger unit directly into the vehicle’s OBD-II port.

Once the user has the system installed, the cellCONTROL automatically blocks all distracting telephone functions. It just does not block incoming telephone calls it also blocks outgoing calls. It blocks SMS and MMS messages. It also completely blocks Internet connectivity. The device has a caveat that users will love. It can detect when a handsfree unit has been activated on your cell and will enable the phone to work as needed.

The application will automatically alert an administrator via text or email should the cellCONTROL be deactivated, removed or otherwise tampered with. Scosche says the device is compatible with more than 1,200 devices and any vehicle sold in the U.S. after 1996. Prices start at $129.95. Seems like small price to pay to drive cell-free.

Researchers have shown that Driving While Distracted (DWD) is more of a killer than driving drunk or on drugs. Maybe this device will help to lessen the amount of deaths experienced on the road.

Would you use the cellCONTROL unit if you had one?