‘RHOBH’ Brandi Glanville Admits Lisa Vanderpump Turned Down Her Business Offer, Still Wants To Be A Restaurateur

Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi Glanville has given some thought to what she’ll do when her run on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is over. Like her co-star and friend-turned-enemy, Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi wants to be a restaurateur.

During a recent interview with People, Brandi, who also starred on the latest season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, said that she has some relevant experience that’ll help her run a restaurant.

“I have always wanted to have a restaurant. I know it’s not good money and most of them go out of business very soon. But I’ve been a hostess, I’ve been a waitress, I’ve done it all! And I feel like as I get old, I’m not going to be up in the club so might as well have a restaurant to chill at.”

As for what kind of cuisine she’ll serve up in her restaurant, Brandi said that it would “for sure [be] Mexican or Italian.”

Brandi also revealed that she almost got involved in Lisa’s newest business, PUMP. Unfortunately for Brandi, Lisa didn’t want her being a part of it. Brandi admits that the chances of her now teaming up with Lisa on a restaurant are slim.

“I offered to be an investor in PUMP when she first opened PUMP and she didn’t want me to be an investor — she just wants to keep business business and pleasure pleasure, so I don’t think that’s going to be happening any time soon…She declined [my offer] which is fine, I get it.”

With how nasty it has been getting between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, both on the current episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and in real time via social media, Lisa may have another explanation for why she doesn’t want Brandi involved with her businesses.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi slammed back at Lisa on Sunday after Lisa described her as “irrelevant” in her Bravo blog. Brandi sent Lisa quite a nasty tweet.

“If I’m so irrelevant and you can’t stop talking about me and blogging about me what does that make you!??”

Since Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t want Brandi Glanville near her businesses, perhaps Andy Cohen will give Brandi a chance to show off her kitchen skills? In late January, Brandi even asked about doing a Real Housewives version of Top Chef.

[Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images]