Ten Weeks After Its Release, ‘Uptown Funk’ Hits One Million Sales Mark

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson No. 1 On Music Charts With 'Uptown Funk'

Mark Ronson has plenty of reason to celebrate these days — his smash song “Uptown Funk,” that he found terribly difficult to write, now has over one million sales and reportedly brings in more than one hundred thousand dollars a week on Spotify, an internet venue for obtaining and listening to music. That figure comes from a rough estimate of the total number of plays, which are now over 125 million and still growing, and are multiplied by the rough estimate that Spotify has given for how much they pay out per stream, $0.007, divided by the eight weeks the song has been charting.

The hit single, by Ronson and featuring Bruno Mars, becomes the 158th track to reach the million mark in British charts history, and the fanfare is from over — with parodies being spawned right and left, it will likely continue to make headlines and top charts for some time. However, it was recently nudged out of the number one spot on the charts by Ellie Goulding’s hit “Love Me Like You Do,” which is featured in “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Hozier’s “Take Me To Church,” which rebounded into the number two spot. Although the song comes in at number three this week in the U.K. singles chart, Ronson has described reaching the million sale mark as “insane” and “amazing.”

“On behalf of myself and Bruno, I just want to thank everybody who bought this record and everyone who put us in this club.”

Ronson also said it was “an amazing milestone to be in this club with all these massive superstars.”

The track is the lead single from Ronson’s album Uptown Special and also holds the record for most audio streams in a week after receiving 2.6 million listens, according to the Official Charts Company. Overall the song has been streamed an unbelievable 22.8 million times so far.

Uptown Special is Mark Ronson’s fourth studio album, and features two songs that are collaborations with Stevie Wonder. The album has been dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse, a British musician who died tragically in 2011, and who the producer worked with extensively and considered her to be a very good friend.

The disco throwback is a golden egg for all involved, bringing in millions in such a short period of time. It’s important to remember that the $100,000 a week is only from Spotify earnings. Beyond that, the track has sold millions of copies around the world, it’s being played on the radio extensively, and it has even been used in advertisements, which can be a great way to additionally profit from an already-existing hit.

There are always songs that are iconic to a decade. “Uptown Funk” seems to be on track to be one of those.