Michelle Obama Secret Trip: First Lady Quietly Skis In Aspen And 'Sneaks' By Car Accident Scene

Heather Tooley

Michelle Obama went on a secret trip to Aspen and was spotted "sneaking" by a car accident scene Sunday. A driver from South Africa was driving on the left side of the road when his car hit an oncoming vehicle head-on. Out of sheer habit, he forgot about driving in the opposite lane in the U.S. No one was injured in the traffic incident, but there was noticeable attention paid to a Secret Service motorcade that morning on Owl Creek Road.

The presidential motorcade was in the area at the time of collision, according to a report in Aspen Daily News. The vehicle was seen carrying Michelle Obama and daughters, Sasha and Malia. Authorities allowed them to "sneak through while they waited on tow trucks." They accessed through the blocked off area, heading towards Two Creeks for a second day of skiing.

Police Chief Brian Olson confirms that the Obamas "had to go around the accident this morning." The collision took place above the intersection of Owl Creek and Highline Roads at 7:49 a.m. The South African driver and the other car hit each other at about 30 mph, Olson says.

Car accident aside, Michelle Obama is in the news for having a secret trip to Aspen with her daughters. They skied on Saturday at Buttermilk, according to Pitkin County Sheriff's deputy Jesse Steindler. The local sheriff's department had three to six deputies on call to assist with the Secret Service detail, which included driving the lead and tailing vehicles that were part of the motorcade.

Steindler said the duty was "easy" and "very uneventful."

This is reportedly the Obama family's "fourth straight Presidents' Day weekend visit to the Aspen area," the report added.

As White House Dossier reports, President Barack Obama traveled to Palm Springs, California, for his Presidents' Day weekend. He met up with two friends for a golf trip -- one from Chicago and one from Hawaii.

The president reportedly stayed at the home of his interior decorator, Michael Smith. Smith shares his home with partner, James Costos, a U.S. Ambassador to Spain.

It wasn't verified for certain where the first lady and her daughters stayed in Aspen, but they've typically lodged at the Tiehack home of Jim and Paula Crown. They own the Aspen Skiing Co.

Michelle Obama's secret trip was more hush-hush this year than previous ones. She's known to hit the Colorado hot spot over Presidentss Day weekend, but this time less hype surrounded her holiday tradition.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]