‘Just Cause 3’ Director Discusses Map Size And Game's New Setting

With Just Cause 3 expected to release on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC later this holiday season, the developer is now slowly feeding gamers with new bits of information on the next installment of the high-action series. Speaking recently to Redbull, Just Cause 3 game director Rolan Lesterlin revealed details regarding the title's new setting.

Before deciding where Avalanche Studios wanted Just Cause 3 to take place, the developer first asked themselves what gameplay features they wanted to include in game. According to Lesterlin, this preliminary stage of development was heavily influenced on player feedback from Just Cause 2 fans.

"We started chatting about all the things we wanted to do, and some of the features that you see in the game are indeed repercussions of that. A lot of it comes also from what the fans want and what the modding community has done. You do a lot of research into how people have been playing, the dreams that didn't quite make it into Just Cause 2 and see if any of those needed to get into Just Cause 3."
Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

When Avalanche actually started building the world of Just Cause 3, they wanted to give players a large playable area. However, Lesterlin revealed that making sure that the map is filled with activities was more important than simply making a massive, empty world.

"We focused on a map of 400 square miles…we wanted to have one of the largest maps we've ever done to really increase the verticality. With the way games are designed these days sheer scale is no longer as needed I guess, but we didn't want to bring it down in size, as having a big world makes toys all the more fun. We wanted to keep it the same size, but this time keep it more on density."
As for the setting itself, Just Cause 3 takes fans to a vivid Mediterranean country. Lesterlin Pointed out that the franchise has always focused on featuring bright locales and the team wanted to continue that trend with Just Cause 3.
"The Just Cause series has always been a vacation compared to other games, it has really bright colours, that saturated feel, that sense of the crystal blue waters and the green trees and beautiful beaches. We really wanted to keep that vibe, but we had done the jungle twice and a lot of other games had followed suit there."
As reported last week by the Inquisitr, the recently released first trailer for Just Cause 3 gave fans a taste of the destruction that gamers will be able to wield as they once again take on the role of series protagonist, Rico, in late 2015. Only SP also released a new batch of screenshots showing off the graphical prowess of the upcoming Avalanche Studios release.

After experiencing the massive map of the last entry from the series, are you excited to be able to explore a similarly large world in Just Cause 3?

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