‘GTA V’ Didn’t Have Any Online Valentine’s Day DLC This Year, Fans Show Their Disappointment

After Rockstar Games held the Valentine’s Day Massacre event last year for Grand Theft Auto V fans, many users were hoping that the online event would return once to the game’s online multiplayer mode this year. Late last week, gamers began questioning Rockstar Games’ official support website if the online event would indeed be held again this year in GTA V. At the time, the developer’s support staff only commented that any announcement regarding events would be posted on the official Rockstar Newsire blog.

However, after this past weekend’s holiday passed by, it became clear that GTA V fans wouldn’t get their chance to enjoy the Valentine’s Day-themed event for a second time. This made many gamers upset because they missed out on the chance to enjoy the event last year. Those who picked up GTA V for the first time following the game’s recent Xbox One and Playstation 4 release obviously didn’t get to acquire any of the exclusive weapons and vehicles from the Valentine’s Day Massacre since Grand Theft Auto V didn’t release on current-gen consoles until later that year.

While some players feel cheated out of the Valentine’s Day event, others point out that Rockstar Games never promised that any of the seasonal holiday events would be offered annually to GTA V players. A common thought in support of the developer’s decision to pass over the holiday is that Rockstar Games is likely too busy trying to get the anticipated online heists of GTA V ready to launch. The new co-op missions were previously announced to be ready before the upcoming PC release of Grand Theft Auto V becomes available next month.

GTA V Valentine's Day Massacre Special

With GTA V coming to yet another platform, the sandbox game will continue to dominate sales charts. Despite the financial success of Grand Theft Auto V, Take-Two Interactive CEO told Bloomberg that producing video games is becoming an increasingly risky endeavor.

“It’s an expensive business, and the risk profile reflects that. It actually creates a barrier to entry in our business. [Developers] cannot get in not without having a couple hundred high quality engineers and artists, loads of capital and lots of money to market the title.”

GTA V fans don’t have to simply wait for Rockstar Games to add additional content to the game’s online multiplayer mode. Thanks to the in-game mission creation tools, players can build their own jobs to within GTA Online. Just last week, Rockstar Games showcased a series of user-generated GTA V missions inspired by classic entries from past Grand Theft Auto titles as reported by the Inquisitr.

Would you prefer for the holiday events in Grand Theft Auto V to feature new items than can only ever be acquired for a limited time, or would you rather see these GTA V events be offered each year?

[Images via Playstation Blog]