Phil Hartman’s Daughter Makes Stunning Appearance At ‘SNL 40th Anniversary Special’

Everyone is talking about the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special, which featured the triumphant return of Celebrity Jeopardy! and past cast members like Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond. One former SNL actor who obviously couldn’t attend the reunion due to his untimely death was Phil Hartman. However, Phil Hartman’s daughter did attend the anniversary celebration, and her stunning beauty has been talked about almost as much as Chevy Chase’s unhealthy appearance.

According to Uproxx, Phil Hartman’s daughter was only six years old when her father was murdered by his seemingly crazed wife. It’s been seventeen years since Phil Hartman’s death, and Birgen Hartman is all grown up at age 23. And she made a point to prove it at the SNL anniversary, showing up in a classy, art deco dress. Despite her good looks, Birgen Hartman was willfully modest when she shared a photo of herself before the anniversary on her Twitter page. Birgen claimed she was going to “blind America with [her] paleness” at the show.

Birgen Hartman

Despite a few public accounts on Twitter and Instagram, Birgen doesn’t live nearly as public a life as her father Phil Hartman. Before his death, Phil ensured that his money would be allotted to Birgen over the course of her life, according to TVGuide, so his daughter hasn’t sought the fame and success that her father did. Even without her having much of a public persona, Lorne Michaels was nice enough to invite her to the anniversary celebration. Birgen explained in the comments of her photo that she wouldn’t be appearing on the show itself, but would be attending in the audience.

Phil Hartman with daughter Birgen.

The anniversary special did pay tribute to Phil Hartman by playing some of Hartman’s best clips from SNL. Phil was also honored in a memorial segment introduced by Bill Murray, according to Too Fab. One of the clips SNL shared during the show was Phil Hartman’s original audition tape when he was going out for the show.

Birgen is not Phil Hartman’s only child, though. Phil also had a son named Sean who went on to become an artist.

Birgen was also not the only one in the audience attending in respect to a cast member who passed away. Jim Belushi showed up to fill in for his brother John for a Blues Brothers song and Chris Farley’s brothers Kevin and John were also in attendance.