‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Wants Ex-Wife As ‘Bachelorette,’ Talks ‘Angst’ Of Roses And Romance [Video]

The host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, has survived multiple seasons of roses and romance. But that doesn’t stop Chris from having his own fantasies — and they’re not the kind that you might think. When Chris uses his imagination, he envisions his ex-wife as the Bachelorette, revealed People.

Yes, you read that right — the man who makes a living from orchestrating singles in search of forever-love and marriage is divorced. And when news broke that he and Gwen were breaking their vows, the jokes about the irony of the situation were inevitable. But that doesn’t bother Harrison.

Instead, the jaunty host, who has gracefully anchored 19 seasons of Bachelor franchises is jazzed by the notion of Gwen as the next Bachelorette.

“[It would be] epic television, good or bad. It could be like the Hindenberg – the greatest disaster ever – but even that would be great TV.”

So, is Harrison involved in handing out roses to romance his own way back into married life? There are no rose ceremonies in his near future, Chris told GQ magazine.

Instead, he enjoys being a bachelor, from golf trips to a DVR to a special wine refrigerator. Although he’s not preaching to the viewer choir, Harrison confesses that relationships make him miserable.

“Once I got divorced, there was this knee-jerk reaction to get back in the action and date. I think there’s something wrong in that. I’m incredibly, stunningly happy. What gave me angst was relationships.”

And he’s also witnesses some dramatic angst on the show itself, such as Juan Pablo, whom Chris discusses below.

But that doesn’t mean Chris is involved in casual relationships or random dating, although he admits that he did try that.

“That got old fast. I would love to say I’m that guy who sleeps around, but I’m just not. That’s not my thing. I tried. I’m not good at it. It’s exhausting.”

So is The Bachelor getting old? Not at all, says Chris, who contends that love is a competitive game just like his beloved golf. Therefore, why not build a reality TV show around it?

“Love is as much of a competition as anything. If you don’t think so, you’re either losing the game or you’re not playing.”

This season features a down-home farm dude, Chris Soules, and an unusual number of back-stabbing on-camera confessions, as the Inquisitr reported.

And for Chris, finding out what some of his potential brides-to-be really think about his home time just might be the straw that broke the bachelor’s back.

What do you think? Which woman should Chris choose? And would you like to see Chris Harrison as The Bachelor himself? Post your comments below.

[Photo By Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]