Aircraft missing in Alaska, search underway

A commercial aircraft has been reported missing in Alaska.

Alaska State Troopers have begun searching for the aircraft that disappeared from radar approximately 7.5 miles (12km) from Nome, in the North West of the State at 6:30pm local time

Details of the aircraft are sketchy, but it is believed to have been carrying “multiple passengers.”

Update: aircraft has been identified as Frontier Flying Service Flight 8218 coming in from Brevig Mission, Alaska.

Update 2: plane believed to be small, up to 8 passengers.

Update 3: plane believed to be a Piper PA-31 Navajo.


Update 4: image added below shows a pizza delivery on the same make of aircraft as the one missing. Frontier has 11 Piper Navajo’s in its fleet.

Update final: plane has been located, and passengers are said to be safe. No details on why the plane didn’t make the airport.

More when we have it.