Teacher Filmed Kindergarten Fights: 15-Day Suspension Handed To Teacher Who Filmed Students Fighting

A teacher filmed kindergarten fights and did not bother to stop the children from beating each other. According to the Canada Journal, a John E. Ford Montessori teacher, Rita Baci, 65, has been accused of using her cell phone to capture fights in her Florida classroom. Baci was also accused of pushing a student out of her classroom using her foot, and leaving him alone in the hallway with just one shoe.

Baci was given an unpaid 15-day suspension for violating the code of ethics and professional conduct because she failed to try to keep the children safe. Her defense, however, may be the reason that she still has a job. You see, Baci said that she filmed these fights so that she could show the vice principal before meeting with a student’s parents. In many ways, she claims to have used the videos as evidence. Apparently Baci wanted to make a case against the boy, to show the school’s administration just how disruptive and aggressive he is. In doing so, other children got hurt.

The teacher who filmed kindergarten fights did so at least three times according to the Orlando Sentinel. Based on the reports, it sounds like there was one particular boy in the class who was in the center of these fights. It is unknown if the child has been reprimanded, or if he is still attending the school.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was some concern about the teacher’s choice to share the videos, as that could be in violation of student confidentiality, but the teacher showed the videos only to school personnel, so she was off the hook. Had she had gone to the media with the video footage, she would have likely been fired.

“The videos show the boy smacking another boy ‘about his face and body several times,’ kicking another student who was attempting to hide under a table, and punching and slapping a third student. The kindergarten teacher did not intervene in any of these school fights.”

No word on how badly the boy injured the students that he was beating. Do you think that the teacher should have done something to break up the fight? Do you think that the student should be removed from the school? Should the teacher have lost her job? As of now, it sounds like the school is supporting the teacher’s decision to film the fights. Thoughts?

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]