Bank Clerk Hides In Bush And Kidnaps Woman To Take Home To His Parents, All So They Think He Is Married

A bank clerk from Daliang, a city in the south of the Liaoning Province in North Eastern China, was fed up with his parents’ constant nagging about his lack of obtaining a wife. Each year, when he travels home during the Chinese New Year, he is questioned about when he plans to settle down, get a girlfriend, and eventually get married. He was so fed up with their constant grilling, he decided that he would bring a wife home this year. Although he had no girlfriend when he hatched his plan, the man did the next best thing. He hid in a bush at a local park, ambushed an unsuspecting young woman, and kidnapped her with the intention to make her his wife and take her home to his parents.

Liu Hung, a 32-year-old bank clerk, was sick and tired of his parents constantly questioning his single life and suggesting that he settle down and get married. After years of torment, he finally decided to do something about it. Rather than take the easy way out and ask a female friend to accompany him home and pose as a girlfriend or wife, he hatched a plan to kidnap a woman, marry her, and take her home to mom and dad.

According to Metro U.K., Liu Hung hid in the bushes of a local park waiting for a woman suitable to become his wife. When she finally walked past, he jumped out and quickly tied her up with rope and covered her mouth with tape to prevent her from screaming. Once she was adequately secured, he took her to his home. He waited until the following day to inform her that they would be married. He then went on his way to secure the proper paperwork for their marriage.

While he was away, the young woman was able to free her hands and dial her boyfriend’s cell phone, who in turn called the police. According to the Mirror U.K., the police were able to trace the call and rescue the young woman before Hung returned. As he arrived home, police quickly arrested him. When they questioned his motive for the kidnapping, he simply replied that it was getting hard to go home and hear his parents question his single life.


“I am the only one in my family without a girlfriend or wife, and I was fed up of going home and simply getting a hard time.”

The young girl was unharmed in the incident.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]