Henry Cavill Set To Train For ‘Stratton’: ‘Get Wet, Cold, And Tired,’ Author Says

Henry Cavill is set to star in the action film Stratton and the author of the book on which the character is based on says he will be getting “wet, cold, and tired,” in the process.

Duncan Falconer is a pseudonym for a former British Royal Marine Special Boat Service (SBS) Commando- turned-novelist, and now, the Man of Steel himself will be playing the character John Stratton, created in Falconer’s image. Stratton is the central character in his novel First Into Action, on which Cavill’s new movie is based.

After announcing that Henry Cavill was coming on board for the starring role in Stratton, it was also revealed that this would be the British actor’s first incursion behind-the-scenes. Cavill and his brother, Charlie, have formed the production company Promethean Productions, which will bring the exciting story to life.

Duncan Falconer
Dunacn Falconer in Nigeria (Image via Facebook)

Throughout this time, Falconer has used his Facebook page to keep fans updated on as much as he can reveal, which sadly is not a lot, according to an earlier post.

“Just to let you know that the Stratton movie with Henry Cavill still goes ahead,” the author gushed on Facebook at the end of January. “I’m not supposed to say much because it’s all hush hush don’t you know, but the long silence has been due to finding the right director. It has to be someone who can do the action justice as well as the subtlety of the characters.”

Henry Cavill as Stratton
Image via Twitter

On Monday, the author shared that he and Henry Cavill had finally met in person for the first time to discuss the direction of the film and he is impressed.

“I met Henry for a beer a few days ago, our first meeting. I’m a no BS kind of person, as you might suppose, and I have to say, and I’m relieved to say, he is a first rate bloke. If he was otherwise, I’d just keep silent on the subject. So for all of his fans who actually wonder what he is really like, I can assure you, he gets my approval, and I’m tough to please. He has a lot of Stratton in him. Next stage is to get him in the field, get him wet, cold, tired, put a gun in his hands, and take it from there. I’m looking forward to that.”

Additionally, Falconer shared on Valentine’s Day that the project had a director, which indicated that Stratton is on the right track.

“Director is on board. We go forward!!! Now we cast, scout, write, plot, pack, train, groom, rehearse! All good.”

Henry Cavill begins filming Stratton in the second quarter of this year in England and Italy, with an expected release time of Spring, 2016.

[Image via Summit Entertainment]