Reports Of Sharia Court In Texas Proven False Through Mayor's Immediate Action On Social Media

As of late, news outlets have been reporting on Sharia Law, its effect in society, and how Muslims are trying to implement said law into governments, especially in Europe and the United States. The Inquisitr has kept up with such news, which includes a decree that wives who keep their passwords of their social accounts a secret from their husbands are breaking said law. Of course countries differ from how they receive Sharia Law. In the United Kingdom, it is proposed that anyone who criticizes it are "extremists," yet in the United States (Alabama specifically), Sharia Law was banned because it is a "foreign law" according to constitutional amendment.

The latest on Sharia Law news is that its first official court was opened in Irving, Texas. However, such news been proven false by the city's mayor herself, who took to social media to let everyone know the truth.

According to an exclusive interview by Breitbart, the Islamic Tribunal in Irving, Texas, has been confirmed to be a court system that uses Sharia Law. Dr. Taher El-badawi, one of the judges, has stated the tribunal operates under the law as a form of non-binding dispute resolution in which their organization is first and foremost a tribunal, and not an arbitration. El-badawi also says they cover issues of a civil law nature. This means the Islamic Tribunal will utilize Sharia Law to settle civil disputes in family and business matters as well as resolve workplace disputes. They made no mention of partaking in the other three forms of law: criminal, common, and statute.

Still, the Islamic Tribunal is not a legitimate court recognized by the city of Irving, despite what some news media outlets may say. According to The Christian Post, Mayor Beth Van Duyne took to social media, specifically her Facebook page, to speak on the supposed enactment of a Sharia Law Court. Van Duyne's post can be seen in its entirety below.

Beth Van Duyne Post

Dr. Taher El-badawi did restate numerous times in the exclusive interview that participation in the Islamic Tribunal is voluntary. The one thing that seems peculiar is the fact that El-badawi would not discuss what happens to someone who decides not to follow their rulings.

Nevertheless, now that you know the news about an official Sharia Law court recognized in Texas is not true, what are your views? Do you think the Islamic Tribunal has the right to operate on an advisory level or are they stepping into territory only official courts should handle?

[Featured Image via Islamic Tribunal, Post Image via Beth Van Duyne's Facebook]