Harry Styles Asks Nadine Leopold To Move In, While She Wants Taylor Swift To ‘Go Away’

Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold’s relationship seems to be heating up. There are rumors saying that the couple have moved on from having yogurt dates to discussing moving in together. Meanwhile, Nadine wants Taylor Swift to get away from Harry. It sounds like she’s trying to secure her relationship with the One Direction singer.

A friend of the couple told SugarScope that Styles and Leopold have been talking about moving in together. According to the source, the two had lunch together at a fancy LA hotspot to discuss their future plans. Styles is hoping that Leopold will move in into his LA mansion.

Another friend shared the details on Harry’s recent proposal. Nadine was pretty swift, excuse the pun, to move in with the bandmate and infamous bad boy.

“Nadine couldn’t have said yes fast enough. She’s based in New York for modelling but she’ll shuttle back and forth. The effect she has on him is really refreshing. The look on his face when he’s with her says it all.”

It sounds like Leopold wants to lock it down with Styles. This news comes on the heels that the Victoria’s Secret model is getting fed up with the “Shake it Off” singer constantly referencing her previous relationship with Styles.

“Nadine really wants Taylor to get over him. She wants Harry to herself and doesn’t think it’s right for Taylor to draw this out anymore. She wants Taylor to go away.”

Nadine is reportedly “furious” with Taylor Swift after the release of her music video for “Style” that shows her clutching the paper plane necklace that Harry gave her when they were dating in 2012. Nadine is not backing down, as Taylor is reportedly not planning to stop referencing Harry anytime soon. Life & Style reported that the singer is still “obsessed” with the 21-year-old bandmate. Another source talked to Hollywood Life about Taylor’s ongoing obsession.

“She’s still obsessed with him. She never got over him, like she did with John [Mayer] and Jake [Gyllenhaal]. Harry really had a huge impact on her. She makes references to him all the time still, but if she’s confronted with the question of, ‘Why are you still singing about him?’ she’ll just say, ‘It’s just a song.’ She’ll totally downplay it. He’s so hard to dislike first off. He’s not a jerk, he’s super charming and she was really in love with him.”

A recent Inquisitr report tells a different story though. The report says that a video surfaced that showed Swift ignoring Styles in the lobby of a hotel. However, the former exes were later spotted having dinner with girl group HAIM. The recent report also added that Leopold doesn’t want Swift to “go away,” per se, but to stop singing about her past relationship.

What do you think of Harry Styles’ love triangle with Taylor Swift and Nadine Leopold?

[Images: Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]