Jonathan Cheban Thinks Kim Kardashian Haters Are Dumb And Ignorant

Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian’s close friend, says the people who leave negative comments about her are just dumb and ignorant. According to Page Six, Cheban is sick and tired of people leaving the dumbest comments ever when it comes to his pretty friend, Kim Kardashian.

He is especially fed up with people accusing the big booty star of being a terrible mother who doesn’t spend time with her kid. Cheban says nothing could be further from the truth, and that people don’t know what she does in real life. The snippets of her that most people see in the daily news don’t touch the surface of what she accomplishes in her real life.

“People are so dumb to me. It scares me. She’s with that baby all the time. Down time. Up time. She has a job to do. Of course you’re not going to see her walking the streets with a child when there is 1,000 photographers with her. It drives me absolutely nuts that people are so ignorant. I bet you Kim works a 1,000 times more than 99 percent of the people in the world.”

Others who know Kardashian well back up what Jonathan Cheban says, stating that Nori is her top priority, and that she has the baby with her all the time, unlike some other big booty stars who are obsessed with taking selfies and posing with their besties in twerking videos.

Though stunning and beautiful, and with a keen eye for fashion and running successful businesses, Jonathan Cheban says that his best girl is also an amazing cook who can throw down in the kitchen.

“She cooked Thanksgiving like two years ago. She’s actually really good. I was really surprised. She makes an amazing fried chicken. Like insane. Really good. Mac ‘n’ cheese. I’m like, ‘Where did you learn Southern cooking?’ But she knows she’s good.”

In the past, many of Kim Kardashian’s cooking photos have been posted to Instagram and Facebook. In 2012, she posted photos of her delicious soul food dishes for Kanye, which included some collard greens, some fried chicken, and some homemade macaroni and cheese, cooked African American style. Her ex Reggie Bush also had good things to say about her cooking, according to Urban Daily.

“We were kind of dating and she said, ‘I can kind of cook good’. She’s the first girl that’s ever cooked a meal for me. That’s honestly how she got me – with the food! She cooked one of my favorite meals, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, candy yams and fried chicken and it was ridiculously good.”

Over the years, Jonathan Cheban has been a wonderful and supportive friend to Kim Kardashian. Sure, they’ve had their issues, but he will always come out swinging and batting for Kim K against the despicable Internet trolls who have nothing but disdain and ill-will for the exotic beauty.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]