Driver Kills Las Vegas Mom: Manhunt Underway After Apparent Road Rage Incident Leaves Mother Of Four Dead

A driver killed a Las Vegas mom in what police are calling a “road rage incident.” According to Fox News, the mother of four was shot and killed outside of her home on Saturday night. On Thursday, an apparent argument between the two drivers caused tempers to flare. Tammy Meyers drove back to her home that night, but the driver of the other vehicle followed her. As she stepped out of her car, shots were fired.

“The mother of four and former California nurse gave her 14-year-old daughter a driving lesson in a school parking lot and was driving back home when she almost crashed with another vehicle – driven by a male — on Thursday night, police said. After an argument, Meyers drove home and asked her adult son for help as her daughter went inside the home. The suspect’s vehicle then appeared outside the home, and someone inside the car fired multiple shots, one of which struck Meyers, investigators said.”

The driver who killed the Las Vegas mom was able to get away, but police have launched a manhunt in the area. The man they are looking for has been described as a six-foot, 180-pound white male in his mid-20s with spiked dirty blonde hair.

According to the New York Daily News, Tammy Meyers was shot in the head. One of her adult children actually exchanged fire with the driver, but it is unknown if he was wounded or if his car was hit with bullets. Police were able to obtain some security footage, and they hope that they are able to find the gunman soon.


“The suspect was last seen fleeing the home. His vehicle with several passengers was apparently captured on surveillance footage driving through the neighborhood,” reports the New York Daily News.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Meyers was placed on life support after the incident. Her family made the courageous decision to remove her from life support on Saturday. A GoFundMe page has been set up in her honor.

“Tammy was shot in the head and lost her battle with life this Valentines Day, a day her and her husband cherished every year for the last 25 years where he would always bring her red roses. Today, we watched as her husband Robert gave her the last red roses that she will ever receive.”

[Photo courtesy of Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia via Wikimedia Commons]