WWE News: Ric Flair To Appear On RAW Tonight — What Will His Role Be?

Tonight’s WWE RAW is the go-home edition for this Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view Fast Lane, and the Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be appearing on tonight’s show, likely to confront Triple H, and get involved in his storyline with Sting.

Ric Flair and Sting have a storied past together, and were likely each other’s greatest opponent. Ric Flair and Triple H also have a storied past together, as Triple H grew up idolizing Ric Flair, and Flair managed Triple H while they were both in the legendary faction Evolution.

On last week’s RAW, Triple H demanded to know if Sting was going to accept his challenge, and show up at Fast Lane this Sunday. Sting accepted in a rather elaborate way.

The last time Ric Flair was on RAW, he was knocked out by the Big Show, and carried to the back by WWE doctors, Shawn Michaels, Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan. It’s unlikely that Flair will be seeking revenge, especially since it appears that the Big Show turned babyface on this past Thursday’s SmackDown.

Flair’s role tonight will likely be to warn Triple H about Sting, which would setup Triple H responding in a “heel-ish” way. There’s a chance that Flair could get physical with Triple H, as Flair has passed WWE’s physical, and is cleared for “full contact.”

In WWE.com’s five-point preview for tonight’s RAW, they tease that Triple H will reveal how he’s preparing psychologically for his upcoming encounter with Sting. So, Flair’s role could very well be to help Triple H prepare.

“Last Monday night on RAW, Triple H demanded that Sting respond to his challenge to meet face to face at WWE Fast Lane, and the vigilante finally replied to The Game in bewildering, near-supernatural fashion.

“Amid the theatrics, a visibly startled Triple H actually fell to the ground before the words ‘I accept’ appeared on the TitanTron. Even though The Cerebral Assassin has one of the most cunning minds in the history of sports-entertainment, one has to imagine that he’s having trouble sleeping since Monday night. Is Triple H having regrets about challenging Sting to meet at WWE Fast Lane? Also, how is Triple H preparing psychologically for what’s sure to be a tense encounter?”

Of course, it’s unlikely that Sting will appear during tonight’s show, as that would kill the need for WWE fans to tune into Fast Lane on Sunday. But it is likely that Sting will have another elaborate message for Triple H tonight.

[Image via WWE]