‘Doctor Who’ Fans Stay Busy With Symphonic Spectacular, Fan Videos

It’s a common problem, at least for American Doctor Who fans. What to do in the long (LONG) breaks between series? According to rumor site Cultbox, series 9 began filming in January, and will broadcast this fall.

So what is a raving Whovian to do until there are new episodes to watch? Well, in Auckland, New Zealand’s Vector Arena, fans got a chance to enjoy the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. An event that ends every series with orchestral music and the best moments of the series on huge screens, it’s quite an event. Stuff offered a review of the darkness that came with Peter Capaldi’s turn as the iconic Doctor

“This is a Doctor who comes up with results by somehow managing to be the good cop and bad cop all in one… and you can’t help wondering whether the bad cop side of him is just an act. You know, the sort that someone puts up as a shield to ensure you really want to get to know them.”

The New Zealand Herald also had fantastic things to say about the event.

“With three large screens showing a never-ending montage of the Doctor’s greatest moments, music from big season-enders and Christmas Specials boomed around the arena. If any TV show can fill a space like that, it’s Doctor Who.”

No official videos of the orchestral events seem to have made it to YouTube yet, but you can see fan recorded ones, or check out the events from previous years.

Ice cream and Doctor Who = Monday night sorted

— Emma (@EmmaByers92) February 16, 2015

Need more to keep you busy? Check out what visual artist John Smith on YouTube has created: a remake of the opening Doctor Who credits that shows what traveling through time and space might look like from the point of view of the TARDIS, instead of just the usual fadeaway.

If John Smith’s name sounds familiar—and not just from Doctor Who episodes—that might be because John Smith is the same artist who cut together video of Matt Smith’s turn as Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch’s as Sherlock to make a video where the two appeared to meet.

Want more Doctor Who? Take a look at this unofficial short film created about the War Doctor, created to help promote a UK charity called Caudwell Children.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy until there’s new Doctor Who to entertain us?

[Image from Doctor Who TV]