Sharia Law Under ISIS: Islamic State Cuts Off Hands Of Women Amid Cell Phone Ban

The Islamic State — still known by its former title of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — has recently promoted their interpretation of Sharia law, especially when it comes to punishment.

The Inquisitr previously reported on said punishments, some being far too extreme for the alleged crime. Just recently, a young Iraqi boy was given 60 lashes in public for referring to ISIS as “Daesh,” a derogatory term the terrorist organization’s enemies call them. However, that seems “tame” compared to ISIS executing one of their own simply for smoking cigarettes.

Now, there is news that ISIS cut off the hands of three women for unknown reasons. However, it is assumed the punishment is in violation of a cell phone ban.

According to an article by Sputnik News and followed-up by International Business Times, a local resident of Mosul told an Iraqi news agency, under conditions of anonymity, that ISIS jihadists cut off the hands of three women for unknown reasons. Sharia law associates the punishment to those caught committing the crime of thievery. However, it is assumed by news outlets the women were punished most likely in accordance to violating a cell phone ban that was in place at the time.

From earlier reports, ISIS militants recently shut down all phone lines in the city of Mosul along with incorporating the cell phone ban in fear that residents may tip off allies of the United States about ISIS positions. Since last August, a coalition consisting of 60 countries launched air strikes against the terrorist organization. More than 20 of them were air raids on Mosul alone.

It should be noted if the women had their hands dismembered for cell phone use, it may be evident that Sharia law’s punishments are far more brutal for the fairer gender. Five men were also caught with cell phones, trying to reach their families in Raqqa, another ISIS-controlled city in Iraq. Their punishment, however, wasn’t as severe, as they were only whipped. Although being whipped for cell phone usage is extreme, it is incomparable to losing body parts needed for everyday functions.

This seems to be the latest on how ISIS’ Sharia law is used to police citizens of their controlled cities. It is unknown how extreme the terrorist organization’s use of said law is, but it has been reported that it includes prohibition against alcohol, using profanity or cursing, smoking cigarettes (includes hookah pipes and marijuana), and listening to music. Also, citizens of ISIS-controlled areas are forced to wear uniforms in which head coverings are included for women.