Ray J In Domestic Violence Abuse, But Who’s The Victim? Real Or Hoax?

It seems that Ray J is involved in a domestic violence case with girlfriend Princess Love. However, which of the two was the victim of physical abuse?

Ray J is known for his music career, his involvement in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and his appearance in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. However, what is not known is the reason his girlfriend chose to attack him in his hotel room last Wednesday.

Yes, Ray J was on the receiving end of the physical abuse. Unfortunately, abusive relationships happen in the United States, and you might think domestic violence statistics would indicate Ray J’s situation is rare. However, it’s quite the contrary. According to statistics from Safe Horizon, “men are victims to nearly 3 million physical assaults.”

The situation that occurred in Ray J’s New Orleans hotel room with Love became part of the ongoing statistic.

According to TMZ, Ray J told the cops that she went “ballistic.”

“Ray told cops Princess went ballistic and attacked him, cracking several ribs, busting his lip open and tearing his ACL.. Ray J ran out of the room and a hotel security guy saw him bleeding and called 911.”

The article also states that another guest in the hotel overheard Princess yelling at him, saying “I’m going to kill you!”

Yet, from pics and posts on Twitter and Instagram, Ray J mentions nothing of the domestic situation. And, of course, no one would if the information was to be kept silent, right? However, from photos taken later, nothing seems to be busted up or abused as reported by the news outlet.

So, this somewhat brings questions to the alleged story. It’s also said that he bailed her out and paid for her lawyers.

However, though abuse is no joking matter — whether emotional, physical, mental or verbal — do you think this particular situation is a joke?

According to medical sources, a busted lip takes up to five days to heal. And cracked ribs? Well, there possibly wouldn’t have been performance just days after the incident, especially when there would have been fans grabbing at you possibly hurting those ribs. And who performs with a torn ACL? Football athletes don’t even walk with torn ACLs, let alone perform.

What are your thoughts? Is Ray J victim of domestic violence and abuse? Is he keeping it under wraps? Or is the violence story questionable?

[Feature Image via Guardian LV]