Patricia Arquette Calls Out Bullies, They ‘Have Blood On Their Hands’

Patricia Arquette is speaking out not just for Bruce Jenner but for all people who have to face “haters” and all those who want to bring them down.

Arquette spoke out on the criticism and unkind words Jenner has been receiving for a possible transition that he may be making to become a woman. Arquette’s sister, Alexis Arquette, went through a similar change, so she understands the harshness and criticism that people have reacted with.

As seen on the New York Daily News, Arquette stated, “I totally love and accept her and at the end of the day it didn’t really change our relationship at all.”

The Boyhood actress added, “Why anyone would be upset by a choice another person makes, I don’t understand.”

What Arquette does understand, though, is what all these mean reports and what this “cruel world” can do to a person.

Arquette was quick to point out that “people going through the gender transition are vulnerable – and bullying can lead to tragic consequences.”

“Just look at all the kids who have committed suicide.”

The star of the newest installment of CSI, CSI: Cyber, spoke very plainly when she commented on the people who are quick to judge and bring down others who are different than them.

“Don’t think (bullies) don’t have blood on their hands. They are chipping away… at somebody else’s self esteem. And there is nothing to be proud of in that.”

According to Access Hollywood, the Stigmata starlet also advised that “It’s a very difficult decision to come to because the world doesn’t support it, so I’m here to say I do support it and I think we should all be able to be who we really are.”

Arquette then went on to show support for Jenner especially if he is going through a gender transition right now.

“It’s time for us all to stand up and support her in this transition if this is what she wants to do.”

Arquette added how hard it is “live your life in your truth,” but also how “very powerful” it is at the same time. Her last pieces of advice? Firstly, to ignore the “haters.”

Patricia Arquette ended with, “My advice is for everybody else to let’s not live on the dark side of history right now. This is an important moment.”

[Photo Courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]