Did Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz Break Up During ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 3?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz went through hard times during the filming of Vanderpump Rules Season 3. In fact, according to a new report, their relationship nearly came to an end.

On February 16, Hollywood Life shared a sneak peek for Monday night’s new episode of the Bravo reality show, which featured Maloney upset over a gift given to her by Schwartz.

“What are you upset about? What are you on your own?” Lisa Vanderpump asks Maloney in the sneak peek.

“Tom and I were sitting in the gazebo and kind of talking about the wedding, and he pulls out this string with a ring on it.”

“That’s a good thing isn’t it?” Vanderpump asks.

While Katie Maloney has made it no secret that she wants to become engaged to Schwartz, this wasn’t the ring she was hoping for.

“It’s one of those things I was always told — ‘Don’t ever give me a ring on a string.'”

“I hope at one point, Katie will get the results that she deserves, but I don’t know,” Vanderpump said in an interview segment of the show. “How long can she wait? And it begs the question — ‘Is he worth waiting for’?”

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have been dating since fans met them on Vanderpump Rules Season 1, and in the last month, they have been plagued with rumors of a possible engagement — and a possible pregnancy.

At the end of last month, as the Inquisitr reported, fans began wondering if the couple was engaged after Maloney shared a photo of a sparkly ring on her engagement finger. A short while later, after appearing on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Maloney was faced with rumors of a pregnancy, which she denied on Twitter.

After moving past the cheating scandal, Schwartz spoke to Hollywood Life, confirming he and his mystery woman had no contact with one another before or after their drunken hookup.

“I’m not going to make light of it or undermine the situation. That being said, if you’re going to cheat, it’s probably the best way to do it — there was no prior relationship and there was no relationship after I was drunk. It was still terrible, but what happened was pretty innocent. Like I said, I’m not undermining what I did. I feel awful about it, I really do. I know I make jokes, but it’s just a defense mechanism. I like to keep things light. But trust me, I paid for it.”

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