Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld Steal ‘SNL 40’ With ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David reunited to commemorate Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary, and in the end, the pair just discussed how successful their show, Seinfeld, was.

Seinfeld hosted an audience question and answer session, where he answered questions from the likes of James Franco, Michael Douglas, Sarah Palin, and Ellen Cleghorne. However, it was his brief exchange with Larry David that really stole the show.

You can watch a clip of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld together again below. It starts at around the two minute and 32 second mark.

Seinfeld fortunately spotted his co-creator of Seinfeld in the audience, which immediately led to some delightful patter between the pair.

David eventually asked his fellow comedian, “Was I really a writer on Saturday Night Live?”

This led Seinfeld to answer, “Yes, Larry, you were. You wrote here for one season.”

David then used this opportunity to remark, “Huh, and, well, look how big we hit it after that,” which was David’s way of mentioning their work on NBC’s Seinfeld.

Their sitcom ran for nine seasons and 180 episodes and is widely regarded as the funniest show in the history of American television.

Seinfeld added, “We had like the biggest show of all time.”

Seinfeld and David then remarked how the success of Seinfeld probably won’t ever be recreated, as David explained, “You could never do that now with the media landscape like it is.”

Seinfeld followed this by joking, “It’s like we had the last two tickets before Disneyland burned down,” which led David to add, “It’s beautiful.”

Ellen Cleghorne, who worked on Saturday Night Live between 1991 and 1995, was then given an opportunity to ask her own question too. And she decided to probe Seinfeld about the lack of African-American women, not just in comedy, but in the world.

Sarah Palin also joined in the fun, but only after Jerry Seinfeld had mistaken her for Tina Fey. And she had a specific question for Lorne Michaels. At first she asked how much he would pay her to run for office before she then added a further incentive.

Seinfeld and David then had the last laugh when Jerry asked Larry if he was going to the after-party, which provoked the perennially misanthropic Larry to respond with an emphatic, “No, why would I go to the party?”