Bri Golec: Ohio Transgender Woman Stabbed By Father Who Claimed She Was ‘In A Cult’

Bri Golec, a 22-year-old transgender woman, was allegedly fatally stabbed by her father Kevin Golec, 52, this weekend in Akron, Ohio. The man has been charged with murder and felony domestic violence for the attack on his transgender daughter, according to local Ohio news site Cleaveland.

When Bri’s father called 911 he told the operator that members of a local cult — of which he says his daughter was a member — had stormed the Golec’s home and stabbed his daughter. During the call, Bri’s father repeats “Oh, my God” and cries several times. You can listen to the full call — which contains foul language — here.

“He’s into a cult and all this s**t. These guys came in, and I fought them off. They got here and they got me… I don’t know what to do… He’s still warm, but he’s not breathing. Oh, my God. They f***ing came in here. He’s part of a cult. S**t that I don’t even have nothing to do with.”

Pink News reports that Golec may have been referring to a local transgender support group that Bri attended. Trans Ohio released a statement condemning the attack and offering their condolences to Golec’s friends and family.

“We are saddened to learn of the murder of Bri Golec, a 22yr old trans woman who resided in Akron, Ohio. We’ll provide more info at a later time as they become available. We are community – We stand strong, together. Always.”

Several local media outlets continued to refer to Bri as a male, reported Pink News. Golec was also referred to with masculine pronouns in his obituary, published by the Newcomer Funeral Home and Services, in which Bri was described as a “deeply spiritual and artistic person” whose interests included “painting, jewelry making, meditation, martial arts, video games, and anime.” David Timko, a close friend of Bri’s, was also quoted in the announcement.

“You are a beautiful soul and will be missed on this earth more than you ever realized. Thank you for inspiring me and for putting so much love out into the world with what little time you were given. The world needs more people who think like you, not less. I promise to carry your conviction and your dreams with me and push myself harder to be the changes in this world that you were robbed of having the chance to be.”

News that Golec was a transgender woman first arose from LGBT blog Pittsburg Lesbian Correspondents, who reported that Bri had recently started to attend trans support group meetings again and more openly “explore her gender identity.” Although Golec’s Facebook still refers to him as “Brian,” local trans activist Jacob Nash confirmed that Bri identified as a transgender woman.

Bri Golec marks the fifth reported transgender murder this year, and the the sixth in Ohio since 2013. Late last year, trans activist Candice Rose Milligan was brutally attacked by three men while walking home in Toledo, Ohio.

[Image via Newcomer]