Columbine Obsessed Teens Plotted Valentine's Day Massacre Of 'Jews' With 'Nazi' Friends

Tara Dodrill

Columbine obsessed teens planned a Valentine's Day Massacre mass shooting at a mall, police say. Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath of Geneva, Illinois, has been described as a "clean-cut American high school girl" who turned into a "goth" obsessed with Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and had murder on her mind. Souvannarath and her "Nazi" friends allegedly plotted a mass shooting at a mall in order to kill "Jews."

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath of Geneva, Illinois, and Randall Shepherd, 20, of Nova Scotia, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Another Columbine murder plot suspect,James Gamble, 19, killed himself when police arrived to arrest him on Friday. A Halifax, Canada, mall mass shooting suspect, an unnamed 17-year-old individual, has been released from custody.

The Columbine-obsessed teens allegedly plotted to "gun down as many people as possible" at a Halifax mall on Saturday before killing themselves. Lindsay Souvannarath reportedly posted graphic images of Adolf Hitler and the Columbine shooters on both her Facebook and Tumblr accounts. The Illinois teenage girl also reportedly uttered her support for white supremacists.

One of Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath's social media messages posted last week reportedly read, "It's almost here. The clock is ticking." The teen's social media posts allegedly indicate that she has been sharing "unnerving messages" for several years.

Souvannarath was a student at Coe College studying creative writing and English before graduating in 2014. Lindsay Souvannarath, whose parents are from Laos, reportedly posted messages that painted her as a neo-Nazi. The Illinois teen reportedly routinely posted photos of Hitler and sang the praise of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and white supremacy groups. Her high school yearbook photo published in the Kane County Chronicle and current Facebook profile photos show quite a change in appearance.

"Free speech is dead. That's why we need people like David Duke to bring it back to life again," Lindsay Souvannarath reportedly posted online in 2007.

Her Tumblr account is entitled 'c**kswastika', the Chronicle Herald reports.

On the social media page, Souvannarath posted a large pink swastika and linked to the page of James Gamble. On his Tumblr page, there are reportedly images and videos of dead bodies, the Columbine school shooters, and Hitler. Gamble's social media page also reportedly featured online chats that include nude images of himself and graphic sexual descriptions.

"I'm such a morbid f***ing freak. I love it," James Gamble wrote in one post

"Eric and Dylan are dead, but Reb and VoDKa live," Souvannarath published in a post which police said referred to her and Gamble.

One photo posted by the teen girl featured a man holding a gun and wearing a T-shirt that read, "Natural selection."

Randall Shepherd's Tumblr page is reportedly under the username genesistogenocide. The Chronicle Herald revealed that Shepherd said his page is an "ode to gore, porn, Columbine, horror and heavy f***ing metal." The social media account also reportedly highlights porn and Nazis. Souvannarath and Shepheard also reportedly chatted on the Random Insanity forum. Linsday Souvannarath's alleged username is SnoopyFemme.

Lindsay Sovannarath's website is still publishing new updates. Police believe she pre-programmed posts before the Colunbine shooting-style attack on the Halifax mall.

[Image by Mark Leffingwell/Getty Images, Kane County Chronicle, Facebook]