Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj Perform Together: A Mariah Carey Nightmare?

Ariana Grande, the artist who allegedly replaced Mariah Carey as “The Voice,” performed with Nicki Minaj, the artist who Mariah Carey considers her arch enemy. Ariana and her friend gave a stunning performance at an NBA Halftime Show this weekend. Billboard describes why Ariana Grande was so captivating.

“Opening with her summer smash ‘Problem,’ Grande shimmied to center stage with a cheerleader getup that exposed her midriff and a smile that underlined a newfound confidence on a big stage. Grande’s dancers disappeared for a minute of her most recent Top 10 hit, ‘Love Me Harder,’ and after that strobe-heavy bit, the pop star segued into her breakout single.”

Nicki Minaj joined Ariana Grande during her performance of “Bang Bang.” Ariana’s performance captured the attention of Twitter.


Ariana Grande is currently one of the hottest singing superstars in the world today. Some people compare her to Mariah Carey since they both have the same dog-whistle vocal technique. Buzzfeed recently compared both Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.

“On the one hand, you have Ariana. She has the voice of an angel — or at least the voice of a former Nickelodeon star — and it seems she’s sucked the life force out of Mimi. Poor Mariah…she’s yesterday’s news. BUT check the receipts! Mariah is like a hoarder when it comes to Grammys. The conversation begins and ends with Mariah.”

While Mariah Carey may not be riding high these days, it is unfair to call Ariana Grande her “takeover.” Ariana Grande has a couple of years of hits under her belt while Mariah Carey has two decades worth of hit singles. Even though some of Mariah’s “hit” songs were manipulated with 49 cent sales tactics, songs such as “We Belong Together” and “Fantasy” are absolute classics. Ariana Grande is hot, but it’s not certain that any of her songs will have the lasting effect of Mariah’s hits.

Still, Ariana Grande’s star keeps rising. Grande will headline a show at Madison Square Garden in a couple weeks, and tickets are practically sold out. If you can sell out Madison Square Garden, you know you have made it to the big leagues. Ariana Grande is also at No. 21 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 with “Love Me Harder.” After 24 weeks, Grande is still at No. 20 on Billboard’s album chart with My Everything, which has spawned several hit singles and videos. Do you think Ariana Grande is here to stay? Tell us in the comments section.

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