Jim Cantore’s Thundersnow Reaction Goes Viral: Neptune Causes Rare Phenomenon

Jim Cantore’s live reaction to thundersnow on Sunday is receiving a lot of attention. Jim Cantore was live on air on the Weather Channel in Massachusetts reporting on Winter Storm Neptune when he experienced a rare weather phenomenon called thundersnow. According to the Telegraph, video of his reaction has now gone viral in the last 24 hours.

What is thundersnow? According to the report, thundersnow occurs when “the layer of air closest to the ground must be warmer than the air above it, but still cold enough to create snow.”

During the weather report, the area surrounding Cantore flashes white after a lightning strike. Cantore showed his immediate reaction to the rare event.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! We got it baby! We got it! We got it! Woo! Woo! We got it! Yes! Listen to that! Listen to that! Oh baby!”

With that reaction, one might think he had just heard he won the lottery. In fact, he even yelled out, “You can have your $500 million jackpot. I’ve got my thundersnow.”

Cantore showed child-like excitement over lightning and thunder. When another instance occurred, he shared another excited reaction.

“Oh again! Again! That’s a two-fer. That’s a two-fer, baby. Oh my goodness!”

According to the Weather Channel, the thundersnow phenomenon occurred six times during Cantore’s report, and revealed just how rare thundersnow is too. According to a study by the University of Missouri, thundersnow only happens on average 7.6 times a year in the United States. There were six instances of it during Cantore’s brief broadcast.

Winter Storm Neptune has caused problems on the East Coast. In Massachusetts, the roof of an apartment building collapsed. There are between 70 and 80 residents now looking for new homes after the incident at the 24-unit complex.

Winter Storm Neptune has also caused a number of traffic accidents. In Chicago, there was a chain reaction crash on Sunday that involved 38 vehicles.

The storm also caused power outages in the northeast. On Sunday, 83,000 were without power in the areas impacted by the storm.

This is not the first a report by Jim Cantore went viral after video of it surfaced online. A year ago, Cantore was reporting on Winter Storm Leon when a college student jumped into the shot. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Cantore kneed the male student in the groin and he continued on with his report after a quick joke.

Jim Cantore is one of the top personnel on the Weather Channel. He has been called the “Rock Star of Meterologists.”

What do you think of his reaction to Sunday’s thundersnow?