MacBook Air Meets Its Match With The Dell XPS 13

The MacBook Air is the hottest lightweight laptop right now. Apple has sold millions of both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the MacBook Air and the notebook is soon set for an upgrade. MacWorld UK has recently revealed what we can expect for the much-hyped device.

“Reports suggest the new model will feature a faster processor and some new memory and storage options. The Broadwell chipset that is likely to feature in this new model was finally unveiled at CES in January. It is expected that the new MacBook Air will sport a radical new and thinner design.”

The new MacBook Air will likely have a Retina screen just like its big brother, the MacBook Pro. However, no matter how good the MacBook Air is becoming, the notebook now has competition from the Dell XPS 13, a device that some are calling a MacBook Air killer. Business Insider gave the XPS 13 a glowing review.

“Dell’s newest XPS 13 laptop is so excellent it persuaded me to give up my personal MacBook for Windows 8 for a week. The XPS 13 is light, gorgeous, and works well. If you want a Windows machine that’s just as good, and perhaps better than, the MacBook Air, this is the laptop to buy.”

The International Business Times describes why Dell’s Windows 8.1 laptop is a better buy than the MacBook Air.

“The XPS 13 has the chops to convince PC shoppers, even the hardcore Apple fans, to give it a second look and actually take it for a drive test. The best part about the XPS Dell 13 is the finest model, but that is stripped of the touch screen option, will mean a saving of up to $200 should users decide to pick it over the 13-inch MacBook Air.”

Dell isn’t the only company giving the MacBook Air a run for its money. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has been called a MacBook Air killer and according to the Air Herald, a new Surface Pro 4 is arriving very soon.

“The Surface Pro 4 may be coming out sooner than many people initially thought. While Microsoft has yet to say anything about the new device, they have given some indication that they are getting ready to release the device. Microsoft has been dropping the Surface Pro 3 line by $100 nearly across the board. Many people are wondering what Microsoft will do with the Surface Pro 4. The current rumors say that Microsoft will release two different form factors this time around.”

Can Dell and Microsoft convince you to skip the MacBook Air? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: The Verge]