Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Volcano In Mexico, Not The First Volcanic Sighting

A cigar-shaped UFO has been filmed hovering over the mouth of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano, and it is far from the first time that a strange object has appeared in the skies surrounding the fiery mountain.

Images of the unusual object were posted on UFO Sightings Daily by UFO watcher Scott Waring, who asserted that he discovered the anomaly in archived webcam footage from the volcano. Though the object is difficult to spot at first, it becomes apparent when the image is enlarged, appearing as an oblong, indistinct black form near the clouds. According to Waring, it is far from the first UFO spotted in the vicinity of the volcano.

“I found this UFO in the volcano archives this morning. It was only a few hours old and shows a dark cigar UFO over the volcano near the clouds. This object matches past UFOs seen over the mouth that were also cigar shaped. I have been keeping an eye on this live cam for over 5 years now and I have reported over 50 UFOs over it since then. If you want to catch a UFO, use todays tech (live cams) to find them. Live cams allows you to be everywhere at once[sic].”

In 2013, another video emerged of a UFO flying above the volcano. Captured around 8:30 p.m. on May 30, the footage depicts a UFO approaching the mountain before slowing and appearing to deliberately turn towards the volcano’s crater into which it descends. In November of 2012, a similar video came to light, depicting a cigar-shaped UFO displaying the same behavior.

Marc Dantonio, chief photo and video analyst of the Mutual UFO Network, has suggested that the 2013 clip depicted a meteor falling over the volcano, which was captured in successive video frames. The cameras which monitor the volcano, operated by Mexico’s media company, Televisa, create a time lapse video comprised of still shots, making the UFOs appear to be moving faster than they actually are.

Dantonio also asserts that due to accidents of perspective, the objects’ paths may be illusory as well.

“In this case, the object is moving from right to left and appears to be descending, but it is exactly this behavior you see if an aircraft at altitude is heading away from you — this is the consequence of perspective and round Earth.”

Earlier this year, another UFO was spotted hovering over a different volcano in Mexico. Oddly shaped and appearing to resemble a horse according to some observers, the UFO was clearly defined against a blue sky over the Colima volcano located 300 miles west of Mexico City.

[Image: via UFO Sightings Daily]