Lisa Vanderpump Admits To Having A ‘Horrible’ Season 4 Of ‘RHOBH’

Lisa Vanderpump was the unofficial villain of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4, and in a new interview, she opened up about the drama.

“I had a horrible season last year,” Vanderpump told People Magazine at the launch of EVINE Live last week, according to a February 14 report. “They threw everything at me last year, the other women. It was nasty and it was mean-spirited.”

During Season 4, Lisa Vanderpump had a falling out with her former friend, Brandi Glanville, who then turned the majority of the cast against her, claiming she was manipulating her and other members of the cast into doing any saying things they didn’t necessarily agree with.

Although Vanderpump has made amends with most of the women, including Kyle Richards, her relationship with Glanville, who, as the Inquisitr reported, she called “irrelevant” in a recent blog, remains strained.

“I don’t have any understanding of her motives in any situation ever. I thought the only way for me to really sustain any kind of relationship was to give her the kind of credibility she deserves, which is little to nothing.”

On Season 5, Glanville is once again in the middle of the drama, mainly because of her odd relationship with Kim Richards. On the show, Richards appears to have hit a bump in her sobriety, and while she claims she’s still sober, her actions on the show raised plenty of questions with her co-stars, including Lisa Vandeprump.

“We’re not that close, we work together and we’re friendly, but I did text her and said, ‘it must be very difficult to see this play out on television.’ I think that must be. I am not somebody that wants people to fail.”

Also in her latest blog for Bravo, Lisa Vanderpump questioned her former friend, Yolanda Foster. After watching Foster’s daughter’s behavior be brought up in a conversation with Glanville, in which Glanville claimed people were saying she was an alcoholic, Vanderpump wondered why Foster has remained supportive of Glanville and her antics. Vanderpump said she’d never let someone speak that way about her own daughter, and therefore didn’t understand why Foster would allow Glanville to take such low blows.

“To me, that was astounding. There are no rumors of Bella being an alcoholic, of that I am sure. It was a hurtful statement which would’ve provoked a reaction I would not have been proud of, had it been leveled at my daughter.”

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