No Boys or Girls Allowed at Swedish Gender Neutral Preschool [Video]

Boys and Girls

A preschool called Egalia in Stockholm, Sweden have come up with a very strange concept that is being introduced at one school this year. Gender Neutrality is being introduced at a preschool which runs through 6th grade. At this school there are rules banning any form of dress, speech or even bathrooms alluding to a difference between sexes.

You heard it right. No Hes, No Shes, No Hers, No Hims. There are dresses allowed or gender specific hairstyles. Even the bathrooms are going to be completely gender neutral, meaning there will be no urinal and the bathroom is for both sexes.

Critics say that not only does it go against all natural impulse for the sexes to be gender neutral but it leaves student completely ill equipped to go out into the real world.

Of course the proponents of the school say the exact opposite. They say students will be able to respect each other and build relationships with each other free of the constraints of gender bias.

There are no boys and girls in Egalia, just “friends.” That’s the term teachers in the school use to address all students. In addition, the staff refrains from using the pronouns “him” or “her.” Instead, the gender labels, which are “han” and “hon” in Swedish, are replaced by the “genderless” pronoun “hen” — a word that doesn’t actually exist in the Swedish language.

It is quite strange that in order to exclude gender references the school is forced to make up names and language to accommodate. The school is funded by taxpayers dollars so I am sure a lot of attention is being paid to its success or failure.

Do you think a Gender Neutral School is as ridiculous as most people would?

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