‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Engagement Over? Still Devastated Over Britt’s Departure, His Final Pick Feels Betrayed

Bachelor Chris Soules is reportedly engaged but not to the woman he planned to spend his life with. Britt Nilsson’s shocking departure on Monday night leaves him devastated, but he had to continue on and make his final pick from the remaining four girls.

[Spoilers ahead]

Although Reality Steve states that Chris got engaged to Whitney Bischoff at the final rose ceremony, there are rumors that she is reconsidering her engagement to the Iowa farmer simply because he is still pining away for Britt.

Life & Style reports that Chris’ final pick changes her mind about their relationship once she starts watching the season unfold on TV. Perhaps she wasn’t aware how deep Chris’ feelings were for Britt during the show, or this could just be gossip — fans will have to see how it all plays out once Chris and Whitney appear on the live After the Final Rose special on March 9.

On Sunday night, Carly told Chris that Britt was lying about her interest in the tiny town of Arlington that he calls home. When Chris questioned Britt, she admitted that she was surprised how small it was but changed her mind when she saw the beautiful sunset and imagined raising a family there with him.

Fans didn’t believe that she was authentic, with many calling her out on Twitter for lying to Chris.

@SimplyTatiii I don’t like Britt anymore she is clearly manipulating him and lying right in his face — Niaya Simone (@NiayaSimone) February 16, 2015

Since the Bachelor premiere aired back in January, Britt has been a frontrunner and captured more of Chris’ attention than anyone else on the show. Although he kissed just about everyone, his interest in Britt was evident.

On Sunday night (Episode 7), Britt showed her jealous side when Kaitlyn was given the group date rose. Britt has a breakdown that continues on to Monday night’s episode, one that prompts her to say goodbye to Chris because she feels she is no longer his top pick — or is it because she had her eye on becoming the next Bachelorette?

Britt is obviously lying about Iowa so she can become the next #Bachelorette. — Karen Hays (@ke_hays) February 16, 2015

Chances are Britt was his top pick initially, leading to the rumors that Chris settled for his second choice when proposing to Whitney. Reality Steve still maintains that Chris proposed to Whitney at the final rose ceremony and they are still engaged. Whether or not his feelings for Britt have affected their relationship is unknown. Hopefully, they survive the Bachelor rumor mill and enjoy a happy life together in Arlington, Iowa.

Watch Britt’s emotional departure and the Bachelor hometown dates tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET. Next week, watch the Bachelor Fantasy Suite dates(February 23), followed by the “Women Tell All” (March 2), and the final rose ceremony on March 9.

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