Relaxed Heron Goes Hippo Surfing In South Africa [Video]

There’s nothing like getting out on the water, chilling, and riding the surf, but in this case it’s a heron surfing the back of what is considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in South Africa.

Looking for all the world like a relaxed person board paddling on calm waters, the heron is obviously enjoying life. Whether the hippopotamus actually approves is another story, of course.

The Independent reports the video above was filmed in Kruger National Park in South Africa and has been attracting quite a bit of attention since it was first uploaded on February 8. According to Kruger Sightings, which published it, the video was sent in by a lady named Bernadette.

South Africa

According to one commenter, who also avidly follows the wildlife webcam at the Djuma Game Reserve waterhole, this little guy does this all the time, even when, occasionally, his host hippo actively protests. In fact on one occasion, it was apparently really funny when the hippo managed to dislodge his unwanted rider and literally jumped for joy and did a flip in the water.

“This is his daily and even bi-daily surf routine. Once I watched via webcam and Hippo was attempting to go deeper and deeper to get Heron off, but Heron stuck out the heavy surf and tides… so Hippo resorted to some hectic moves which then had Heron lose his balance and fly off. Hippo was overjoyed and even did a flip in the water with his feet sticking up in the air before heading for shore and wandering off to graze… much earlier than usual too. HILARIOUS! :)”

In other less relaxed bird news in Africa, a school in Zimbabwe had to close for a week due to Southern ground hornbills attacking all the windows. Looks like the herons in South Africa are a far more chilled out breed!

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]