#WhyImSingle: Jimmy Fallon Shares His Favorite Tweets On Valentine’s Day [Video]

Singles’ Awareness Day, or, as some like to call it, “Valentine’s Day,” tends to remind single people of their unending loneliness. So, of course, the masses converge onto the internet, specifically Twitter, to share in the singleness. Luckily, Jimmy Fallon, from The Tonight Show, already had a hashtag for those wanting to share #WhyImSingle.

Examiner notes that the tweets should be entertaining, even funny. “The #whyimsingle tweets feature Twitter users explaining mostly funny reasons why they think they’re still single.”

Some of the reasons the tweeters were single were, well, a bit geeky.

Though, that’s not a reason to be single. (Seriously, some do this without the music.)

And, as Huffington Post reported, other reasons were just a tiny bit creepy.


Unfortunately, not everyone thought the hashtag was all fun and games. One user was rather blunt with her reasons, “#WhyImSingle I’m Ugly.” Another user commented that her boyfriend left her to sleep with other women.

Yet, not all were so morose. Some thought to take a realist approach, stating they did not need to be with another person to be happy. Then there is the single people that are just too great to be tied down.

And then there was @Summeriniall. It is safe to say that she is a One Direction fan. On Valentine’s Day, she posted pictures of her room which may be the world’s largest shrine to the boy band.

That could be a good indicator of why she is single. Yep. Some may consider her room a bit creepy. Or maybe a lot creepy. She is a fangirl, all right.

Remember folks, #WhyImSingle is suppose to be taken in a lighthearted way. The internet wants to know those tiny details that make you unique and undateable.

Watch the video below to check out Jimmy Fallon’s favorite #WhyImSingle tweets.

Where you one of the thousands to join in on the #WhyImSingle trend? What are your reasons for being without a significant other?

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]