Why the rest of us couldn’t care less if Hulu is pulled from Boxee

I finally have had a chance to play around with Boxee and it sure seems to be a great way to watch video content on your television screen or computer monitor. The social aspect of it all; like most things social related these days could be a real winner for the service. On the whole it looked like Boxee had a winning formula on its hands until US viewers were informed of a big change in Boxee’s line-up of providers.You see the majority of Boxee’s television related programming comes via the hottest video property on the web right now – Hulu. The thing is that Hulu itself is really just a content provider that has agreements with the various television networks to provide their shows via the Hulu player on the web. So what you had was one content provider providing it’s content to yet another video content provider who didn’t have any agreements in place with either Hulu or Hulu’s video providers.As confusing as this sounds it gets even worse when the originating video providers told Hulu to stop making the content available via Boxee. This pretty well took the majority of Boxee’s content right out of play. Of course there was some uproar when happened but not as much as you would think. The reason for this is because to countries outside of the US Hulu is a non-player in the global video market.So when Boxee announced that they would be pulling all Hulu provided content from the comments may have lit up from angry Americans but garnered nothing but a big yawn from the rest of the world. This of course is due to Hulu’s geotarding of its content so that it can only be viewed by US residents. This geotarding of course carried over to Hulu content played through Boxee so not only did non Americans lose out so did Boxee because all the really good content came primarily from its Hulu connection.This problem isn’t the fault of either Boxee or Hulu but that of television networks who still haven’t gotten a clue about how this new fangled thing called the Internet works.