Josh Murray Posts Touching Message Amid Andi Dorfman’s ‘Bachelor’ Interview

It seems that Josh Murray watched Andi Dorfman’s interview with Chris Harrison on Sunday night’s The Bachelor: Chris Tells All special, or at least was aware that it aired, and wanted to get a point across to the public.

Josh seems to still be relying on his faith to get him through the breakup. Andi’s former fiance posted a message about things not going as planned sometimes, but remembering that it’s all in God’s plan.


Some people actually replied to Josh’s tweet to tell him to get back together with Andi. One person told him that Andi’s heartbroken and to “just flipping get back together.” Another person wrote that it was heartbreaking to watch Andi cry and asked Josh if there’s a way for both of them to love and serve one another.

Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman, who met and got engaged on The Bachelorette, announced their breakup just days after the live The Bachelor premiere event, where they had put on a very public show of togetherness. Their breakup announcement so soon after seemingly looking so happy with one another and not saying anything about any troubles prompted some of the franchise’s viewers to wonder if they had put on a fake show.

During her sit down with Chris, Andi explained that it was that night that she knew that she and Josh weren’t meant to be.

“Having people ask about wedding dates and then seeing the other happy couples and people planning weddings, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Why aren’t we planning a wedding? Let’s just be honest – why is it that we don’t have a date?’… That trip was very eye-opening.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andi admitted at the premiere that not much was happening in terms of the wedding.

Andi told Chris that the split “was pretty mutual” and that they “were both very aware of the fact that [they] just didn’t better each other.”

“I didn’t feel supported and empowered and I don’t think I gave him that support and empowerment that he needed. When you have two very passionate, very strong personalities in one house and nobody can back down and nobody is the calming force for one another… it’s a lot of emotion. It’s a lot of tension in one house.”

Andi also revealed that they’re currently not speaking.

“There’s a lot of emotion there so it’s hard to keep a positive, healthy relationship going on now and I think both of us get upset about each other’s actions and we’re just… it’s not a healthy place right now.”

There was recently a hint of the unhealthy place that Andi and Josh are in right now with one another. About two weeks ago, Josh tweeted that he was changing passwords because someone keeps logging into his social media accounts. A few minutes later, Andi tweeted the following, making sure to include “blessed,” a word that Josh uses frequently.


After the interview, Andi Dorfman reiterated that she really did love Josh Murray and is grateful for the Bachelor and Bachelorette experience despite it not working out.


[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]