Barbara Bush To Jeb: ‘Changed My Mind’ About ‘Too Many Bushes’ In White House

Barbara Bush told her son, Jeb, that she “changed” her mind about there being “too many Bushes” in the White House. The wife of former President George H.W. Bush — and mother of former President George W. Bush — made a comment two years ago when it was rumored her other son, Jeb Bush, was going to run for president. She thought there were already “enough Bushes” who’ve occupied the position as the nation’s president. Now that Jeb is seriously considering a run for president, his mother is rethinking that quote. ABC News reports that Mrs. Bush has changed her mind and announced this to her son, who was attending a gala dinner Friday night in Bonita Springs, Florida. Barbara Bush was seen via Skype at the event telling Jeb that she “changed” her mind about there being too many Bushes as president.

“Jeb, it’s Mom. Listen, what do you mean, ‘too many Bushes?’… I changed my mind.”

As Washington Post covered, the gala attendees burst into applause after Jeb’s mother retracted what she initially said. In fact, she added that “it doesn’t matter what your last name is.” Jeb got a kick out his mother backpedalling on her very public comment and asked her if he could get this in writing.

“Hey, Mom, can I get that in writing?… Mother, I love you. You’re the greatest mother in the world.”

After Barbara Bush told Jeb that she changed her mind about her “too many Bushes” in White House comment, she turned the computer monitor towards her husband so everyone could see him on Skype. He sat in a chair smiling, acknowledging the crowd. The senior Bushes were connected on Skype throughout the remainder of the dinner.

As CBS News writes, Mrs. Bush has been “softening her opposition all year” to her original thoughts. Jeb Bush is cited in an AP interview back in October, when he said that his mother “been around the track” on the idea. “She just believes that it’s something that she doesn’t want my family to go through, although she’s changed her mind on that,” Jeb said. “So I’m marking her down to ‘neutral, trending in a different direction’ than she was.” As the next presidential campaign draws closer, Jeb’s mother might be getting a reality check. She’s now seeing that his campaign could definitely happen as America’s next president. Barbara Bush is making her son, Jeb, very happy after taking back her comment about “too many Bushes” running things.

[Photo by Joe Burbank/Pool/Getty Images]