Demi Moore, Orlando Bloom Dating? Hollywood Stars Get Close After Jennifer Aniston Sets Them Up

Demi Moore and Orlando Bloom are at the center of the latest dating rumors. The Hollywood duo has stirred up rumors of a new relationship after pictures of Bloom and Moore together surfaced earlier this month.

According to Web Pro News, Moore and Bloom started spending time together after mutual friend Jennifer Aniston set them up. Demi and Orlando share many of the same interests, and they have been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks. Photos of Bloom at Moore's home in Los Angeles popped up online at the start of the month. Moore's daughter is also featured in the paparazzi snap shots.

According to a source close to Demi, the pair shares a love of yoga.
"They're both deeply spiritual characters who love yoga, meditation and new-age philosophies. They've both been initiated into spiritual practice Usui Reiki and have started to practice on each other."
In fact, the source revealed that Orlando has plans to take Demi to India to visit a Buddhist retreat. Demi is "excited" about the trip.

According to AZ Central, Demi has shared with friends the reason why she likes being with Orlando as well.

"The thing Demi loves the most about Orlando is how positive he is. His uplifting influence is just what she feels she needs, as do her daughters - particularly Tallulah."
It appears that Jennifer Aniston made a new Hollywood love match. She set up a double date dinner at her home to introduce Moore and Bloom. According to the Spread It, this rumored relationship is still at the beginning stages.
"At this stage it's a casual thing, nothing serious and it's not yet exclusive. But they've enjoyed several low-key dates together and the potential is definitely there for something steadier."
Neither Demi nor Orlando has confirmed the rumors about their relationship. The rumors first surfaced in publications in Europe, but the photos of the pair have only added to the speculation about the duo.

In recent weeks, Orlando Bloom was seen out with a blonde woman, according to Mail Online. Bloom divorced from Miranda Kerr in 2013, and he has been most recently romantically linked to Selena Gomez. He denied the rumors of their relationship in October.

As for the outing with the blonde-haired woman, Bloom has been seen out with the mystery woman on several occasions, and they even vacationed together in Cancun. The woman even joined Bloom and his four-year-old son, Flynn, for a day at the beach.

As for Demi Moore, she split from Ashton Kutcher in 2013. Moore has been tied romantically to Sean Friday for the past year. However, the Inquisitr reported on trouble for the relationship last month.

Over the Christmas holiday, Scout Willis confronted the younger man about his intentions with her mother. She wanted to know if he intended to pop the question. That is when the problems started. A source said the following about the confrontation.

"Sean's face went bright red … He left the room. [Friday] really loves Demi, but he wants a family and doesn't know if she can give him that. If Demi knew, she would be heartbroken."
Moore has not has the best luck in the romance department since she split from Bruce Willis. Could these rumors about Demi Moore and Orlando Bloom dating be true? What do you think of this potential Hollywood couple?

[Photos: Mark Davis and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]