February 21 Is ‘Send A Naked Picture Of Yourself to Steve Buscemi’ Day — Really, It Is

You know those Facebook events you keep getting invited to but usually ignore? Well, this one might be worth a look if you are into taking naked selfies. “Send a naked picture to Steve Buscemi” Day is February 21, and the event already has 2,700 people planning to take part.

In case you were wondering who Steve Buscemi is, he is that quirky, crazy-eyed guy from Boardwalk Empire. Not a fan of that show? Then you might remember him as the fast-talking, sleazy weirdo from one of the many movies he has been featured in, such as The Big Lebowski, Con-Air, or Fargo – or maybe as the voice of Randall Bogs in Monsters, Inc.

If none of those jar your memory, just take a look at this Fifty Shades of Grey parody featured by the Inquisitr recently, in which Jamie Dornan was removed from the movie trailer and replaced by Buscemi with hilarious results.

According to Gothamist, the event doesn’t specify when, how, or of whom the picture must be taken, or when Steve Buscemi will be looking at them, but it does have one guideline – “Remember folks! Tasteful & Arty. I do not promote appealing to Steve Buscemi’s prurient interests.”

And if you need verification that it really is a holiday, this online dictionary entry dated August 2008 should reassure you. After all, it is from Urban Dictionary, which we all know is a reliable source for all things legitimate.

“February 21st is a day nationally accepted as ‘Send a Naked Picture of Yourself to Steve Buscemi’ Day. This is celebrated by mailing a nude photograph of yourself or a loved one to Mr. Buscemi for his viewing pleasure.”

If you didn’t get the Facebook invite, you can still participate. Just mail your nude pictures to Mr. Buscimi at Steve Buscemi, C/O Polaris Public Relations, 8135 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

You can also pop over to the Facebook event page or check out Twitter for some of the comments by Mr. Buscemi’s fans, one of whom is so devoted she got a Steve Buscemi bikini.

If Steve Buscemi or sending nude pictures of yourself aren’t your thing, you still have a weird holiday left to celebrate in February. According to Holiday Insights, February 20 is “Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo” Day, when everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is supposed to go outside and wave their hands over their heads while chanting “Hoodie-Hoo” to chase away the winter blahs and bring on spring.

[Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]