Weight Loss Trends In 2015 Include Paleo Low-Carb, Three-Day Detox, Beyonce’s Vegan, ‘Super Shred’ [Video]

Did you resolve to achieve your weight loss goals in 2015, but can’t seem to find the right diet? When it comes to taking off the pounds, it’s the post-New-Year Resolutions time of year when the experts are sharing what they feel works, including their own diet plans, reports Yahoo Health. From Beyonce’s vegan diet to Bob Harper’s Paleo-style approach to a three-day detox designed to help you lose up to five pounds, get the skinny below.

Dr. Ian Smith believes in a plan that he calls the Super Shred. The diet calls for generous amounts of fruits and vegetables, with portion control playing a key role. And he follows his own menu recommendations as well as suggesting them to dieters.

“I start my days with a smoothie, a piece of fruit, and a bowl of oatmeal. Lunchtime, I have either have pasta with a light sauce or sliced chicken with veggies. My dinner is fish, but I also will eat pizza and a steak once every couple of weeks. The key is moderation,” says Dr. Smith.

In contrast, 12-time Ironman Dr. Jordan Metzl, who is a sports medicine physician at NYC’s Hospital for Special Surgery, avoids unhealthy food choices completely. And he also doesn’t recommend those popular cleanses.

“I follow three rules: If it’s not good for you, don’t keep it around. I sleep well so that I don’t crave unhealthy food. And when all else fails, I tell my friends and colleagues to punch me if they see me eating anything unhealthy.”

But he also agrees that moderation is an essential component to weight loss success that’s permanent.

However, former President Bill Clinton’s physician Dr. Mark Hyman argues that using a rapid weight loss plan to jump-start a low-carb diet is the most effective approach, as the Inquisitr reported. With that in mind, Dr. Hyman created a three-day detox diet called the Fat Flush, which is designed to take off up to five pounds in three days.

It’s a low-carb diet that allows non-starchy vegetables, veggie broth, and protein. After that three-day detox, Dr. Hyman recommends continuing the low-carb approach while adding more variety.

Known as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper recently told Rachael Ray that he takes a different approach. A former vegan, Harper now follows a Paleo-style low-carb diet in order to get enough protein. And he revealed all his own diet secrets on the show.

Bob emphasizes the importance of filling up on non-starchy vegetables, with protein such as chicken as the second priority. And don’t forget the healthy fats, adds Harper.

However, he disagrees with the concept that variety is essential. Instead, Bob points out that by coming up with meals that are within your diet, you can automate your menu and stick to your weight loss plan more easily.

“I am a creature of habit; I eat the same thing over and over again,” says Bob. “My breakfast – that’s scrambled eggs with zucchini and salsa. I like to roast my vegetables a lot, that’s what I did with my zucchini. I hit protein, fat and carbs every single time I eat.”

But Beyonce disagrees that animal protein is essential for weight loss. The superstar singer used a vegan diet for her own weight loss success, and now she’s teamed up with her trainer to create a vegan meal service, reported Time.

It’s called the 22 Day Nutrition Service, and Beyonce is working with trainer Marcos Borges to jump-start the business. The foods also are gluten-free.

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