St. Louis Rams Rumor: Stan Kroenke May Sell Team So He Can Buy The Raiders And Move Them To L.A.

The St. Louis Rams have faced relocation rumors for several months, but new reports indicate that owner Stan Kroenke may end up moving a different team instead.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is speculating that the St. Louis Rams owner may be looking to sell the team to someone who would keep them in St. Louis, enabling Kroenke to buy the Oakland Raiders and move them to Los Angeles.

In the report, Miklasz wrote that other scenarios to bring a team to Los Angeles, which include the NFL awarding an expansion franchise to the city, don’t seem very likely to happen. Instead, he suggested this.

“It’s best to focus on more plausible scenarios:

1. Kroenke buys the controlling 47 percent share of the Raiders owned by Mark Davis and his mother. Kroenke sells the Rams. The Rams remain in St. Louis. Kroenke moves the Raiders back to Los Angeles.

2. The NFL gives Kroenke the go-ahead signal to Los Angeles. The league directs Davis and the Raiders to St. Louis.”

While Miklasz paints the scenario as a hypothetical, ProFootballTalk writer Michael David Smith says it sounds an awful lot like the kind of information a source will float to a reporter so it can be public without having to put their name to it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s truth to the rumor that the St. Louis Rams owner might buy the Raiders and move them to Los Angeles instead, but one thing is clear — Stan Kroenke wants to get a team to L.A., one way or another. He has already announced plans to build a stadium in nearby Inglewood, and rumors indicated that he was trying to relocate the Rams.

But if the rumors are true and either the St. Louis Rams or Oakland Raiders end up relocating to Los Angeles, it won’t be in the near future. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that all teams are staying put next year.