GoPro Captures Allison Stokke Pole-Vaulting Jump

A GoPro camera video goes viral on YouTube, featuring Allison Stokke in a pole-vaulting jump. The video shows the professional jumper in athletic clothing and jumping from multiple angles.

Stokke explains the thrill of pole-vaulting.

“Pole-vaulting is a rush. It’s so frustrating but I think that’s what makes it so fun. Technically there’s no limit to how high the bar can go.”

GoPro coordinated with Stokke to create the “seven seconds of tunnel vision” video. In the video, Allison is seen leaping over a vault after several camera angles show the speed between running, jumping, and landing.

The company attached the action cameras to Stokke’s head, the crossbar, the box, the end of the pole, and gathered footage of her preparing to jump and her follow through.

Posted on Wednesday, the video now has over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Inquisitr has reported on the GoPro cameras before, featuring other athletic action footage, including ice hockey.

Social media has enjoyed the close-up details of pole-vaulting and Allison’s impressive jump.


While some may consider pole-vaulting terrifying, the Cal Bear pole-vaulter seems to enjoy the “crazy” sport. Allison does agree that pole-vaulters are a bit crazy to try the sport, which requires athletes to depend on a very long flexible pole to leap several feet into the air.


GoPro is a versatile camera. Its popularity has increased by capturing viral images up close and with detail.

Pole-vaulting is a demanding sport and not for anyone who thinks they may get dizzy flying up in the air. Even at the high school level, athletes are leaping over 12 feet to achieve their championship titles.

It is no wonder that Stokke’s feat has gone viral.

Between breathtaking and scary, pole-vaulting is now an internet favorite.

(Photo courtesy of Daily News/YouTube)