WWE: NXT Number-One Contender Finn Balor Is WWE’s Next Mega-Star

In the WWE, there is only enough room for one person at the top. In the 1980s WWE, then known as WWF, it was Hulk Hogan. After Hogan left for another promotion, Stone Cold Steve Austin took over. After Austin, The Rock grabbed the spotlight and took it to Hollywood. Once The Rock wanted to act full-time, John Cena was picked to take the WWE and run with it. Cena is still the man, but a new mega-star will have to step up in the coming years.

WWE fans believe it will be Roman Reigns, which isn’t a far-fetched claim. Reigns has the look to be WWE’s next big star. He already won the Royal Rumble match and is headed to WrestleMania 31 to headline the biggest wrestling event of the year. However, there is one man that I think will overtake Reigns’ rule as top-dog in WWE.

His name is Finn Balor and he is WWE’s next mega-star. He debuted in WWE near the end of 2014 and has taken NXT by storm. On top of having world-class wrestling skills, his charisma is literally through the roof. At NXT R Evolution in December, Balor shined as he debuted an attire and entrance that had the crowd wanting more. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest wrestling entrances in WWE history.

A month went by and Balor still impressed WWE officials, as well as the people that matter the most, the WWE Universe. His look screams main-event guy and he has the promo skills and wrestling ability to back it up. He took on Adrian Neville at NXT Takeover: Rival in a number-one contender match. The winner would face the NXT Heavyweight champion for the belt.

Neville and Balor were so good that WWE legends took to Twitter and explained their emotions on the match.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, when talking about their match at NXT Takeover. Balor has the skill that each wrestler wishes they possess. Oddly enough, Balor doesn’t go on the microphone nearly as much as you may think. He doesn’t need to, because his charisma does the talking for him.

Balor is a rare type of wrestler. He embodies the special wrestler that WWE fans want to watch. He will make people forget about CM Punk and Roman Reigns. Triple H is helping craft the perfect WWE superstar in NXT. While he puts on great matches with Neville, Hideo Itami and others, he is head-and-shoulders above the rest in NXT.

This may sound like an article to promote Balor, because it is. Balor is easily the biggest star in NXT, and he will only get larger in time. Bleacher Report wrote an article weeks ago that talked about Finn Balor being the biggest star that the WWE will have. They aren’t wrong and WWE knows it too. Finn Balor is the true future of the WWE.

[Image via dailywrestlingnews.com]