Jessica Biel Pregnant But Still Kicking Out Movies In The South

If you don’t know, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are pregnant. Yet, even so, it doesn’t stop Biel’s movies from happening. She was spotted down South.

Coincidentally, several people have been posting about their encounters with Jessica in public. Well, though she hasn’t posted about it herself, it seems as though she’s in New Orleans filming a new movie.

Not confirmed, but it is possible that Biel didn’t want the information leaked. However, when you’re excited to see one of your favorite celebrities, you post about it, right? Of course.

This is the same as one Jessica-Biel fan, Daniel Binet, did via Instagram. Possibly during one of the breaks in Biel’s movie day, she agreed to do a photo op.

Jessica Biel With Fan Daniel Binet
Credits: Instagram - Daniel Binet This is pregnant Jessica Biel standing with fans in New Orleans, Lousiana during a movie shoot.

Such an awesome woman, right? Always making time for the fans.

Well, even though recent Jessica movies include Accidental Love, The Tall Man, and the remake of Total Recall, the film-in-progress is said to be called The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Currently, there’s little information on this movie. Like any successful endeavor, the fewer the leaks, the better. However, what is known is that — according to the Internet Movie Database — Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are working on this project together. Yet, only one is acting in the movie — Biel, of course. As a complement to Justin’s wife, all songs and music will be composed and selected by Timberlake. How cute is that for the newlywed couple? And both are also known for their individual sex appeals.

Nevertheless, even though Jessica may not be sporting a bikini any time soon, fans still say she and her body are sexy, in so many words. One even states, “I just seen Jessica Biel and she is f*****g gorgeous, pregnant and all!”

Jessica Biel Fan Tweets That She Is Gorgeous Pregnant And All
Credits: Twitter - Kimmy Hirstius Jessica Biel, "pregnant and all," is obviously still sexy.

So, even with Jessica Biel pregnant, what are your thoughts? Do you think you’ll be able to tell in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? Do you think she, coincidentally, has a role as a pregnant woman?

[Feature Image via Us Weekly]