‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Ross Marquand In Tonight’s Episode? [Spoilers]

The survivors on The Walking Dead experienced a lot of loss during the last few episodes of the AMC series. There were the deaths of Beth and Tyreese, of course, but Rick Grimes’ group also lost the prospect of a cure for the zombie virus and a new potential home at Shirewilt Estates. Luckily for depressed fans of The Walking Dead, new hope is on the horizon, and the survivors will soon replace those that they lost with some fresh new faces.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, one of those new faces will be a character named Aaron, and he’ll be played by actor Ross Marquand. Aaron is a character who is very popular with fans of The Walking Dead comic books. As the Inquisitr previously reported, he’ll be the first gay male character featured on the show, and he’ll lead Rick Grimes’ group to a civilization called The Alexandria Safe-Zone. This is where Rick Grimes will lose his beard and gain a love interest.

If you’re interested in seeing Ross Marquand in action, you can check him out in the video below. It’s a spoof that mashes up an AT&T commercial with True Detective. Sadly, Marquand probably won’t be speaking in his Matthew McConaughey voice tonight.

The Spoiling Dead Fans shared a few details about how Aaron approaches Rick Grimes’ group. First, he’ll try to help the struggling survivors out by leaving them a case of water accompanied by a note that reads, “From a friend.” The suspicious survivors won’t drink the H2O, opting instead to gather rainwater from a storm. The storm will start to get pretty nasty, and the group will be forced to seek shelter in an old barn.

After spending the night trying to keep walkers from breaking into the barn, Sasha and Maggie will do a little bonding by wandering off to watch the sunrise together. This is when they’ll be approached by Ross Marquand’s character. The gals will immediately pull their guns on Aaron, and he will ask to speak to their leader.

Things will change drastically for the survivors once they join the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, so it will be interesting to see how they all adjust. Unfortunately, the road to ASZ is going to be a bumpy one — according to Entertainment Weekly, someone is going to get hurt during tonight’s episode.

Further on down the road, Rick Grimes will get in a pretty ugly fight with an unnamed man who might be an Alexandria Safe-Zone resident. Their battle will include a headlock and Rick saying, “F*** you,” numerous times. In other words, The Walking Dead will remain as violent and brutal as ever after the survivors settle into their new surroundings.

You can check out the beginning of the survivors’ journey to the Alexandria Safe-Zone and meet Aaron when The Walking Dead airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

[Image credit: Ross Marquand/Instagram]