Natalie Allman: Woman Who Was Tortured By Vicious Ex-Fiancé Ordered To Write Him Letters In Prison Or Go To Jail

Natalie Allman was tortured by her ex-fiancé, Jason Hughes, in front of their five-year-old twins for seven hours. The vicious attack reportedly happened after Allman decided to end the relationship. Hughes furiously retaliated and stated that he was going to “make her ugly” for leaving him.

According to the Daily Mail, the attack began when he made several attempts to smother her with a pillow. He also bludgeoned her with a dumbbell repeatedly, and slashed her throat as their two sons watched. She sustained eight wounds to her head, five facial fractures and extensive damage to her throat. She also had to have cosmetic surgery to repair her throat. During a recent interview with Sunday People, Allman graphically recounted the horrific series of events that left her battered, bruised, and emotionally scarred.

“He’d never been ­aggressive before, just controlling and he drank too much. We’d been separated a few weeks but he was still staying in the house until he found somewhere else,” she said. “I woke up in the middle of the night and he was kneeling over me, beating me repeatedly in the face. At first I thought he was punching me and then I realized he was using his weights. He was smashing them into my face over and over. There was blood everywhere but he didn’t stop. It was midnight and then the next thing I knew I was coming round and it was 3 a.m. I don’t know whether I fell asleep or was knocked unconscious.”

Hughes received nine years in prison for the brutal attack. However, the justice served reportedly came with a price. Since Allman is the mother of Hughes’ two sons, she’s still forced to communicate with him although he was found guilty of the vicious attack.


According to Telegraph, a judge has ordered Allman to write Hughes three letters a year to update him about their sons. However, that’s not all. She has also been forced to send him current photos of the children. Then, to make matters worse, in 2014, he reportedly submitted a Residence and Contact Order under Section 8 of the Children Act of 1989. Now, he’s requesting six letters a year, and phone privileges to contact the children on their birthdays and for Christmas.

If Allman does not comply with the judges orders she could actually be held in contempt of court and jailed. She’s reportedly spent thousands of dollars to appeal the order, but to no avail. She recently expressed her frustration about the daunting court order.

“We are the victims, not him. I thought he was going to kill me that night for no reason and my boys saw that. They were terrified. I’m so angry that the law still defends his parental rights and that he is still being allowed to control us from behind bars. I couldn’t believe it. I could end up being split up from my children and sent to prison when he was the one who attacked me. I’m the one being treated like a criminal.”‘

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