Chris Soules ‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Jealous Britt Nilsson Confrontation Leads To Episode 7 Drama

Sunday night fans get a big night of ABC’s The Bachelor, 2015 season. First up is a “Chris Tells All” episode, and then viewers will see Chris Soules and his final six ladies head to Iowa. A new Bachelor spoiler preview is out that teases a bit of what fans have been waiting to see all season.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have previously indicated that this episode will be a big one for Britt Nilsson. So far, she’s been a definitive frontrunner for Chris Soules’ final rose, but things change in a big way in Iowa. First, Britt and a few of the gals will take a road trip to check out Chris’ hometown of Arlington, and she’s not impressed. Then she’ll go on a group date, and it seems that’s when things take a turn.

Previous Bachelor spoilers have shown that Carly Waddell will take a moment to talk to Chris, and she dishes out some details about Britt. It seems that while Britt tells Chris she’d be happy to relocate to Iowa, she gave Carly and some of the other gals an entirely different impression. Carly tells Chris that she cares too much about him to not give him a heads-up.

Fans will have to tune in to see how Chris handles the situation in talking to Britt, but a new preview via ABC News shows that he ends up giving Kaitlyn Bristowe the group date rose. Britt has gotten rather accustomed to getting these roses herself, and she doesn’t handle this one well.

During the last episode, things were tense when Britt came back with a rose and Carly, Kaitlyn, and Whitney were left in tears. This time, Britt is left out of having the rose and she confronts Chris in front of Carly and Kaitlyn. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to say the least, and Chris doesn’t seem happy with her approach.

Chris even tells Britt that maybe she doesn’t want to be there anymore, and she says he seems to be acting as if he feels she may as well leave if she wants to leave. Chris leaves the group and Kaitlyn is frank with Britt about how the comments made her feel. Carly says in a moment to the camera that now Chris has seen Britt’s true colors, and that means more to her than getting the rose herself.

Based on Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, visiting Arlington and this group date gone wrong set the stage for Britt Nilsson to leave the show. There have been clips of her dressed up and crying outside, and most would imagine that takes place as or after she decides to leave.

Just how does Nilsson initiate that, and does Chris try to talk her out of it? Fans will have to tune in Sunday night to find out.

Also ahead on Sunday is the “Chris Tells All,” a show where Chris Soules, Kelsey Poe, and even Andi Dorfman will chat with Chris Harrison about all that’s transpired. Then, Monday night, viewers will see the hometown dates. By the end of Monday’s episode, only three ladies will remain.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season and Chris Soules’ final rose be correct? Fans can’t wait to find out.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]